Biotek International Academy = GROWTH NO STOP

40 teachers from the Biotek Italian team together for the Biotek Teachers Bootcamp at the Milan Biotek headquarters in Via Farneti, 8 on 11th and 12th of July 2018.

What makes an Academy of Permanent Makeup the best in the world?
Without a doubt the preparation, professionalism and continuous updating of its teachers!

It is no coincidence that the Biotek International Academy is one of the most prestigious Permanent Makeup, Microblading & Medical Academies in the world thanks to the continuous evolution and renewal in order to always offer the most natural and innovative techniques of the moment.

The world of dermopigmentation is constantly evolving and we need to run faster than light to keep up with progress. We at Biotek know this well and that's why we have created the Teachers Bootcamp.

40 dermopigmentists among the best ones in the world, all trained at one of the Biotek Academies in the world, will meet Biotek Family in Milan for the annual update meeting that will focus on several key matters essential for their professional growth and for the enhancement of Biotek in the world, including:


- The evolution of permanent makeup: analysis of current trends

- How to best meet the demands of the customers: brainstorming and ideas exchange 

- New communication tools

- The vertiginous expansion of Biotek in the world: the new foreign markets reached and those still to be discovered

- The launch of new prestigious Biotek products destined to change forever the world of permanent makeup


Training, exchange of ideas, updating, support and team building will be the main objectives of the Biotek Teachers Bootcamp, the annual meeting that will allow teachers to exchange each others valuable advices guided by the leading figures of the Biotek family: Massimo Froio, Biotek Founder and Francesca Froio, Biotek General Manager and General Director of the International Biotek Academy.

With Biotek Academy it is possible to continue to grow as a professional, which is why thousands of students choose it every year.

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