The New Era of the Permanent Make-up

Biotek and Reliftalia in the front line to defend the MADE IN ITALY

It is only for a few days that Cosmoprof ended; it’s the realm of beauty and the most awaited aesthetic visit to the world. 

An important appointment for BIOTEK which, at its thirtieth presence, continues to represent the reference point for Permanent Makeup in Italy for thousands of professionals. 

In an exhibition space of over 120sqm you have all the energy of BIOTEK, welcoming from the first day a multitude of guests and professionals, curious to discover the new trends in the sector with the guarantee of quality and excellence Made in Italy. To act as queen, MAESTRO with the unmistakable style and design Made in Italy: the best equipment ever before Biotek that is revolutionizing the world of dermopigmentation. 

An irrefutable proof of Maestro's success are the over 200 operators who in four days had the pleasure of appreciating Maestro during the highly sought-after Master Classes of the BIOTEK International Academy. Always sold-out, live demonstrations are the best opportunity to learn the most innovative techniques performed live by the Biotek faculty who have demonstrated their excellence and professionalism and, judging by the crowd, selfies and autographed diplomas ... now the real Star of the Permanent Make-up! 

A non-stop overview of cutting-edge treatments with exceptional results thanks to BIOTEK protocols exported to over 40 countries worldwide and to the versatility of Maestro Soft & Strong handpieces - the best you could wish for easy, fast and safe work. 

To create amazement, in addition to the advanced technology of the Console with over 60 programs for each type of procedure and double microprocessor, is the innovative disposable cartridge that equips MAESTRO: a new needle system that minimizes vibrations and makes the work of any comfortable professional and very precise from the first use. 

Four intense days dedicated to professional training with the BIOTEK International Academy, to research and innovation. At the BIOTEK booth, the usual warm welcome of the Biotek staff, ready to welcome every need of the operators, makes everyone feel at home and the real Made in Italy is the master. 

In a world where globalization and imports from China are now taking hold, Biotek remains an all-Italian opportunity. The President Massimo Froio comments ”Today, they all pretend to be such as Made in Italy producers even when their products clearly come from China and are only re-packaged in Italy! The market is confused, but we must make things clear! We are proud to be the only Italian producers and proud to bring Italian quality to the world”. 

But the news presented has not ended here! 

In the Biotek space, the immense color display that allowed all visitors to discover and try our 160 shades for permanent eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, microblading, tricopigmentation, paramedical and correction makeup. Our expert Master Teachers, who are always available to assist our customers and provide the right technical advice, are the leaders of this attractive three-dimensional color palette. 

With great pleasure, great interest was shown in the aesthetic antiaging treatment par excellence created by Biotek: the Bioneedling! The new frontier of Bioneedling proposes a specialized aesthetic treatment which, from its very beginnings, guarantees safety and results to professionals and clients. They came from all over the world to discover the innovative Reliftalia cosmetic line, aimed at resolving skin blemishes such as small wrinkles, signs of aging, skin texture, large pores, spots due to photoaging, post-acne scars, post-operative and stretch marks! An easy, simple and fast method! 

Biotek, however, never stops! In fact, having returned glorious to our Italian offices, satisfied and full of positivity, we thank all the participants for the warm welcome and demonstrated turnout. It is this enthusiasm that draws the growth and expansion of Biotek year after year and allows us to always guarantee the best in the panorama of permanent make-up and specialized aesthetics. 

"We always want only the best for those who work in the sector! Obviously these goals would not have been achieved without the dedication and passion of our teaching staff Biotek and Reliftalia, who every day promote only excellence in Italy!" Comments Francesca Froio - General Manager Biotek - "Biotek is proud to be represented, throughout the national and international territory, by a competent team that, with rigor and firmness, defends the Italianness of the brand and dismantles any disparaging action. The true professional does not believe by word of mouth, but he informs himself and observes with his own eyes! " 

In order not to miss the continuous news, follow the social channels Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and look for the nearest academy to you. 

Also, don't miss the opportunity to discover how to access the new online permanent makeup and Bioneedling courses. The training you want, whenever you want! 

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