Biotek Specialized Labs

In the world there are very few specialized PMU laboratories.
Biotek Labs have probably been the first ones in Europe to be accredited and authorized for the specific production of PMU colors. Our laboratories upgrades annually with the most modern equipments, to always offer the best product.

30 years of female leadership

In 1988, Biotek's laboratories were entrusted to Dr. Elena Sacchetti's expertise, who promptly imposed high-tech formulas for professionals.

For Elena every woman has her personal charm and is the make-up to reveal her style. To achieve the long-lasting beauty dream, Elena reinvents the PMU color and organizes the 1st modern laboratory.

Today, after 28 years evolution, Biotek laboratories are among the most modern and sophisticated ones. The pigments are subjected to sophisticated production processes with scrupulous continuous control of each production cycle. Density, viscosity, temperature, ph, gralunometry and colorimetry are constantly monitored.

Those in charge of the Italian health authorities often visit our laboratories to show to competent control bodies the good production system and consider the Biotek labs as the point of reference for our sector.

The best color is possible thanks to the best production process

To create their famous BioResistent sterile pigments, Biotek's laboratories run over 30 different processing phases, using only highly selected and high-quality raw materials. All components of the color are used for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical field. The pigments are chosen among the most tolerable but with a high covering power.

It may seem easy to realize a perfect PMU color, in fact only few people in the world succeed in it thanks to many big investments in technology. The major part of brands on the market doesn't produce directly but turns to these few laboratories. Biotek produces only for itself and produces only the best.

Schematic phases of the 30 processes

1. Quality assurance

- only certified raw materials

- Inbound verification of all raw materials

- ir mapping pigments

- microscopic analysis of pigment size

- sample tonality control

- evaluation of technical data sheets

- insertion into the production cycle

2. Production in controlled air chamber (white room)

- the production area is controlled and filtered to ensure low contamination

- all staff wears special safety and protection garments

- pigments are screened for homogeneous measurements

- the pigments are weighed to obtain the precise production mix

- pigments are mixed dry

- the new color is sintered hot to stabilize it

- the obtained color remains in the bath for 12 hours in a suitable solution

- grinding process begins to bring all pigments to 4 microns size

- the ground mixture is micronized to achieve optimum design dimensions

- only small batches are processed to always have fresh color

- productions runs simultaneously on multiple machines that work 24 hours a day

3. Product regularity check

- pigments dimension check

- microscopic quality control

- Ph control

- measurement of production temperature

4. Realization of a professional color

- preparation of Bio-thinning by Biotek

- diluent blending with treated pigments

- pigment predispersion

- density control

- viscosity control

- homogenization in the absence of air

5. The active bio-coated color is born

- air clearance and 60% pure pigment concentration

- bio-coating

- anti-UV coating

- addition of calcium ions

- insertion into pvp

- final quality control

- ir mapping of finished color

- preparation for insertion into the bottles

- bottles filling

- bottle weighing for the certainty of contents

- bottles sealing

6. Quality assurance

- labeling

- number batch affixing process

- sterilization with ionized beams

- traceability of the sterilization process

- microbiological controls

- safety test checks

- heavy metal and amine analysis

- controlled temperature storage

- market placing

The incomparable BioResistent Biotek color is ready for you. A strong mix of technology and safety.