A color for every need

Why so many colors?

Because you are different

Each of us has a different skin color (phototype) and to achieve a perfect result, it is necessary to adapt the color to the individual chromatic features. An operator must focus on work and need a full and articulated range of colors to work best, without having to become a chemical inventing colors. The opportunity to choose the color is the sign of your professionalism and love for your work.

Biotek colors never give up unwanted deliveries.

Innovative & Glamour

With so many shades, you will no longer have limits to find the fashionable color that your customer needs.

Designed and realized with the latest technologies, the More Than Ever line is composed by concentrated, long-lasting colors with added stability. Intensity and quality for an always perfect look!

They overcome the inflammatory phase caused by needle penetration, leaving all available color for a beautiful and perfect job.

BioResistent sterile colors are designed for women who want to be always beautiful.

Color chart and tester

To help you in the selection of the perfect shade Biotek has created the PMU TESTER PALETTE

What are they?

These are palettes with creamy testers that replicate the shades of BIOTEK permanent make-up and microblading pigments. The creamy pastes are made using the same exact powders that BIOTEK uses to produce their PMU & Microblading colors and therefore exactly replicate each shade.

These innovative tools are used to show the client what the healed result of each color will be, helping us in choosing the perfect shade.