Our expertise

Small investment, big return

The innovative Biotek colors have a super concentrated and stabilized formula. This means less pigment consumption to achieve desired saturation without any retouching over the life of the implant.

For equal amounts of ml, with Biotek colors, you can make 50% more treatments, halving your professional cost and offering an high-quality PMU treatment.

The cost of color for 1 treatment is 0,90€. A low investment to obtain performance and quality of the best color we've ever produced.
Quality has a price and brings to a benefit, the cheap price is often just a price…

Stop tonings

Biotek sterile colors, if used according to the exclusive selection system CIS (Color Indication System), exclude any kind of mistakes when you've to choose color. This happens because they respect the specific customer's phototype so that you can avoid any color correction.
Biotek produces more than 160 tonalities to give you the opportunity to select the ideal color for your customer without mixing the colors yourself to obtain the right shade. Leave this delicate task to our experts and you will be sure to have a pigment not only chrome-perfect but also stable and without any risk of toning.

Today The quality of Biotek colors is proved by thousands of operators in the world who have chosen us for their safety but above all for their stability.

The heart of innovation lies in the stabilization and compensation process of sintered bases at over 1200 ° C and in the exclusive bio-coatings that we first adopted in all Biotek color lines.

- base pigments mix

- sintering at 1200 ° C

- bio-coated

- anti uv treated

- embedded in a cross-linked molecule

- stable over time as never before

Airless Bottle

The New Airless one-drop bottle contains Biotek sterile colors which always remain fresh, clean and unalterable. The new package allows you to extend the color life to 5 years avoiding wastefulness.

The airless one-drop bottle, complying with the regulations of each country, has a sealed closure, a non-return valve and provides the right amount at each single pressure, leaving the rest of the color in the absence of air.

Stop wastefulness, you can use them until the last drop in total security.


In semi-permanent make-up absorbable pigments are used; this allowed the tattoo to slowly fade from the skin until it is completely gone. If the client wishes to keep her semi-permanent make-up always beautiful and visible, she will have to undergo periodic touch-up sessions with her trusted operator.

If you are using Biotek colors, we suggest a touch-up session every year for the eyebrows, and every two years for the lips and eyes. Using absorbable pigments, such as those of Biotek, allows the customer to be able to enjoy a reversible treatment: from year to year she can decide to change the shape and even the color of her brows/lips.

Choose your colors responsibly, use only BIOTEK pigments!