Strong points

The right handpiece for you

Regardless of your manual skills,regardless the type of treatment and the type of skin of your customers, we have the right handpiece for your needs!

MAESTRO, equipped with two dermographs with different technologies, is the ideal and versatile solution for all types of treatment and manual skills. Do you prefer a powerful or a delicate handpiece? Do you have a strong or light hand? Do you want a beautiful and even lasting result?

The Soft handpiece is ideal for sensitive skin and to create beautiful shadings effects;
The Strong handpiece is ideal for thicker skins and to create more marked effects, such as lines

All in one

The new Maestro equipment is already equipped with two handpieces, to meet your every need and let you grow freely on your path to excellence.

The Soft handpiece is ideal for treatments such as:
shaded eyebrows, lips, areola, scars.

The Strong handpiece is instead ideal for:
hair by hair eyebrows, eyeliner,infra-lashes and scalp pigmentation.

Wireless pedal!

MAESTRO has been designed to make your work as easy as possible, even from a practical point of view.

Biotek introduces the first wireless pedal worldwide!

With the revolutionary wireless pedal you can control the remote ignition, without hindrance, without wires and without taking your hands off the dermograph.

Warranty 1+1

We are so sure of the quality of our made in Italy products, that our machines have a warranty extensible up to 2 years *, free of charge, and we guarantee a prompt service in record time.

Biotek never leaves you alone. If you are in Italy and you have a problem with your device, Biotek will change it with a replacement machine even during the day, when it is possible, because for us your work is important.

* All Biotek devices are born with a legal guarantee of 1 year. To extend the warranty up to 2 years, without any additional charge, simply register your device on the website at the section "extend your warranty". What are you waiting for?