Scalp pigmentation

In mind the right solution: Hair Thinning or falling finds a new, non-surgical response, with the 3D Tricolineer system. Such a beautiful, realistic and long-lasting effect for you to find self-esteem again.

An illusion has never been so real.

Hair transform life, are part of us, help us to feel unique. Biotek is the solution to help millions of men and women to find their smile again. The 3D Tricoliner Biotek system is the new way to revive the pleasure of hair.

Nobody will believe in it, not even your mirror.

So many years of study and refinement to give back to you the look you had, so natural and realistic to surprise you and those who look at you. Observe with your eyes the results you can achieve thanks to the scalp pigmentation treatment.



Planned for professionals, designed for giving beauty

The BIOTEK Medical Division completes the system with the ideal instrumentation to optimize the various applications in the field of the scalp pigmentation.

Biotek's tricolineer is the first machine only created for the scalp pigmentation. Not a part of other disciplines, but a device designed to create hair. We've awaited the answer of number 1 manufacturer with 30 years experience. Today is reality.


An innovative formula to create your hairs.

For us of Biotek labs one hair is not a simple point, it has the color of your natural hairs, it does not expand in time, it doesn't change and is stable. To give you all this, our chemists have developed Biotek pigments in collaboration with the best practitioners and with the worldwide association of baldness surgery.


Your new perfect hair depends on it

The needle line is specific, like the rest, to get the best results in the scalp. It has been designed a special point that can only work in the scalp, without having to penetrate too deep always perfect results.