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The Advanced Permanent Makeup Course is necessary to continue and receive all the answers to your doubts. But it is also time to put into practice how much we have learned until today.

The evolution is related both to the manual and to the advanced use of more demanding needles, designed to perform more particular and sophisticated treatments.
The course is divided into 3 days dedicated to eyes, lips and eyebrows, during which theory, practice on synthetic supports and on models follow one another to achieve a true technical advancement towards perfection.

* Terms and conditions may vary depending on the headquarter where the course takes place. Ask for more details about the duration, the application forms and the programs at the Academy. Academy doesn't provide the models, students do it.

Have you already attended a Biotek Basic Course?

The advanced Biotek Permanent Makeup course is dedicated to future professionals.

If you have already attended the "Permanent Makeup Training" at one of the Biotek academies in the world, you are the ideal candidate to take the next step.

The techniques to learn in the world of Permanent Makeup are various and with Biotek you can learn all of them, continuing with the next courses one step at a time, only when you feel ready.

Before attending the next course, make sure you have learned how to perform the techniques you learned in the previous courses.

If you still have some doubts, we advise you to attend the focus of collective or individual practice; These 1 day focus focuses only on the practical implementation of the techniques previously learned.

It is usually advisable to perform 50 treatments (eyes, eyebrows and lips) after the Permanent Makeup course, before attending the advanced course. This is because for 30 years the Biotek method is based on practice, so much practice, which can be done at our academies, assisted by the Biotek teaching staff, or privately in your studio.

In the advanced course of Permanent Makeup, you will learn 3 new and very useful techniques to make your Permanent Make-Up even more realistic and natural by distinguishing yourself from the competitors.