Basic Microblading Course - Buy


Duration: 3 Days
Cost: € 1.800 + VAT
Number of Participants: Max 6
Equipment: Microblading Kit provided
Diploma: Biotek Basic Artist Microblading

Microblading is a manual technique for tattooing eyebrows, which involves the use of a handpiece with blades, a set of needles. This technique is different from permanent make-up, which instead involves the use of an electrically operated device. With both techniques, both microblading and permanent make-up, it is possible to achieve both a hair effect and shading.

The Biotek Microblading basic course is designed to provide you with suitable training so that you can work completely independently once you leave the course. You will be able to create incredibly natural-looking hair eyebrows. 

In addition, in the course, you will learn about manual shading, which is essential for creating areas of shadow or increased intensity. For a hair effect with shading. For all clients who want a more intense effect without sacrificing the naturalness of the hair.

A complete course involving the learning of two very natural microblading techniques to achieve very natural results. During the 3 days in the classroom you will practice on synthetic supports that simulate the effect of the skin and also a practical test on a model, obviously always under the constant supervision of our highly trained Biotek Master Teachers.

The price of this course includes the Microblading Kit which has a value of 257€ and allows you to perform 50 treatments + 1 month of Microblading video course in Web Academy + Free unlimited assistance.

DAY 1:

  • Introduction of microblading
  • Presentation and explanation of kit materials 
  • Hygiene 
  • Pigmentology and colorimetry
  • Informed consent
  • When treatment is not recommended 
  • Visagism and preparatory drawing 
  • Explaining the technique

DAY 2:

  • Exercise on paper and on synthetic 
  • Manual shading
  • The right pressure while working 
  • How to take the necessary pigment 

DAY 3:

  • Practice on model
  • Clarification of any doubts
  • Diploma 


Italian Speaking Only 

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