Course Program


The course lats 4 days, from 10 am to 6 pm. In the first 3 days you will have the opportunity to deepen the theory, the practice on synthetic leather and finally the practice on models. The fourth day will take place a month later, so you can do retouching on your model, always in the presence of Master Teacher Biotek.
Each student have to provide autonousmly the models required for the course, who must be able to undergo a permanent make-up treatment and must not have previous Permanent Makeup works to be corrected. If the student will be unable to perform the treatment caused by the absence of a model, Biotek reserves the right to not release the diploma at the end of the course.

Course Program: day 1


- Theory and Learning
- Introduction to Microblading, what it is, how it is performed
- Presentation and focus on of the equipment included in the exclusive Biotek starter kit
- Working conditions, hygiene, equipment management, protection
- When microblading treatment is not recommended
- Visagism notions: recognizing different forms of face
- Use of the professional compass
- Focus on the appropriate proportions to draw an exact eyebrow
- Draw the right eyebrow shape on paper
- Focus on the right distribution of the hair on paper
- Make-Up Design on a model
- The pigments: their composition and methodoly of selection
- How to take care of your tattoo

Course Program: day 2


- Biotek technique
- Focus on the right depth of the needle insertion into the skin
- Durability and color/shape intensity and consequent maintenance
- Exercise on special synthetic supports to recreate the real effect of the skin.
- Is the interaction between permanent makeup and microblading possible?

Course Program: day 3


- Practice on models with constant supervision of the teacher
- Clarification of the last doubts
- Diploma delivery

Course Program: day 4


After one month, you will retouch your model on which you performed the treatment on the third day of the course.