Who it is designed for

Who it is designed for


The basic Microblading course is one of the most required at Biotek Academy, becauese it focuses on the realization of hair by hair eyebrows by using super innovative and high quality equipment and handpieces.
Attending the course, you will be able to have a high level basic training, with practice on a model that will allow you to seriously tackle this profession and be competitive on the market.

Have you already attended a basic microblading course at Biotek Academy?

The basic Microblading Biotek course is dedicated to all the future professionals!

If you dream of becoming part of the dermopigmentation world by learning one of the techniques most requested by customers today, Biotek microblading basic course is just right for you!

Microblading is just one of the basic techniques to learn in order to work as a professional in the dermopigmentation world. With Biotek you can also learn all the other techniques. If you have chosen to start your career in this sector before attending the permanent makeup basic course, don’t worry! You will be able to start the basic course once you have obtained the Biotek basic artist microblading diploma!

If you have already attended a basic permanent makeup course, once you have completed the Biotek basic artist microblading diploma, as soon as you feel ready, you can continue your training and reach an upgrade with the advanced microblading course by Biotek!

Before entering the next course make sure you have fully learned how to perform the techniques learned in previous courses.

If you still have any doubts, we suggest you to attend the focus on collective or individual practice; During these 1 day courses Biotek Academy focuses on the practical execution of previously learned techniques.

Biotek Academy is different from all the others because it takes care of every student, making sure that each of them can work with autonomously, transmitting the right serenity to all his customers.