Open Day

Introduction to the world of Dermopigmentation

Duration: half a day
Price: free

Number of participants: max 10
Diploma: not expected

During the Open Day it is possible to introduce yourself into the world of permanent make-up.

Evaluate the profession

For the first time in a training school, you begin the courses for FREE. In this day you will be able to verify your attitude to this discipline without investing too much time and WITHOUT COMMITMENT!

Our teachers will introduce you in a short journey with devices and colors, starting from the roots of Permanent Make-Up.
After this day you will surely have received all information you need to evaluate if to continue your professional career in this sector. Working on synthetic material will help you to find out your artistic and technical skills or evaluate the purchase of prestigious Biotek work tools.

Evaluate the program and the equipment

These meetings are partcularly reserved to those use other equipments, even though they have been working for some time.
The direct comparison with the Company will allow you to try all the dermographs from the Biotek range and discover more than one hundred Biotek colors available.

Biotek trades in your used machine

On this occasion a lot of professionals have fallen in love with MAESTRO. If you’ll live the same experience... don’t worry: Biotek helps you and overwhelms your old machine!

Try and get informed for free

Biotek Academy has 11 offices in Italy and 29 ones in the world.
Over 40 Professionals work daily to turn you in what you've chosen to be: A successful Professional of Permanent Make-Up.

These professionals realize treatments every year on hundreds of clients and are at your disposal to explain to you in detail what PMU means and what you need to do to become like them.

Academy invests in you, you invest 1 day of your life.

Probably when you will read this chapter, you will be disoriented because of many opinions from other schools or professionals. It can be hard for you to decide which school will the be best for you.

The Open day in Academy offered by Biotek will help you to make a conscious choice. Too many times we have seen students turn to other Academies or professionals who have not maintained what they promised. The result has always been a waste of time and money. For becoming a professional you need an Academy specialized in teaching that work only with Permanent Make-Up.
Check personally, spend a day in Academy with our professionals and write on a notebook your eventual doubts; we will give you certainties.

1. You’ll talk to a master teacher
2. We will answer all of your questions
3. We’ll make tests to evaluate together if you're ready for Permanent Makeup
4. We will explain you the Academy's educational trainings
5. We will try work tools which you will use during the course
6. We will make a personalized quote for you
7. We will evaluate your equipment, if you already have one
8. We will propose you to collect your used machine