Duration: course available in 1-day or 2-day MASTER version
Cost: 400€ + VAT (1 day) / 599€ + VAT (2 days) 
Number of Participants: Max 10 (1-day Master) / Max 6 (2-day Master)
Equipment: Fully supplied for the duration of the course
Diploma: Master

Learn the very natural LIP BLUSH technique to give your lips a hint of extra colour, with a watercolor effect. This technique is characterized by its naturalness; it is ideal for those who want a result that is not too obvious and do not want to look too made up. Lip Blush guarantees a perfect effect for all days and occasions and is suitable for women of all ages.

Lip Blush is the key to winning over even the most difficult clients! Thanks to the naturalness of this technique, you will be able to offer suitable service to even the timidest clients, who are afraid of an overly obvious end result.

The Advanced Master will teach you how to best realize the Lip Blush technique. You will learn how to saturate the lips with the one-pointed needle, how to make the preparatory drawing, what colours are suggested for this technique, and above all how to avoid the most common mistakes.

If you only attend the first day of the course you will practice on paper and synthetic media and receive a 3-star Master's diploma. On the other hand, if you attend 2 days of the course, you will also work on a model and receive the 4-star MASTER's diploma.

DAY 1:

  • visagism
  • identifying the most correct eye make-up 
  • difference between the different colours designed for this treatment
  • recommended during the procedure 
  • the importance of using a proper machine 
  • the right dermograph grip
  • the right movements 
  • common mistakes 
  • how to perform the preparatory drawing 
  • video of the step-by-step procedure on a model 
  • exercise by the students on synthetic material simulating the effect of skin

DAY 2:

  • practical exercise on a model (the model must be brought by the participant). 

To guarantee you perfect support during your first modeling job, we will work in two groups, maximum of 3 people in the morning and 3 people in the afternoon. 

Italian Speaking Only

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