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It is a true professional training school, the only one accredited and certified in the PMU sector. We provide Italian and international professionals and a wide range of courses to create training tailored to your needs.

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Offre una varietà di oltre 50 corsi formativi. Vuoi trasformare il tuo talento in una professione? In poco tempo, con il metodo Biotek e i migliori operatori del settore, la nostra Accademia per il trucco permanente ti assicura una carriera di successo nel mondo del PMU. Scopri come.

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Find out why!

Do you want to learn quickly and effectively? With the Biotek Permanent Makeup Academy you can. Interactive lessons, assistance during and after the course and identification of the natural predisposition of each student: we offer the best, for a better result.

Biotek Academy believes in you

We bet on your training.

If you don't feel sure, dopo a complete aver an oppure vuoi approfondire corso some thematic, thank you to our exclusive formula, I will be able to return it for free and frequent again and the first 4 days of the corso just concluded.

Didactic devices

We provide you the best didactic devices for you.

Our Permanent Makeup Academy provides the best teaching aids. At the beginning of the course you will be given the Biotek bag with all the material necessary for both the course and the subsequent study. Check out all the tools

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