International Staff

Anna Savina

International Master Teacher

Anya Zabolotnaya

Director of the International Academy of Permanent Makeup and Aesthetic Dermopigmentation Biotek, Russia.

Diploma in Arts. Member of IFA.

World-class Maitre-teacher of permanent makeup, aesthetic dermopigmentation and tricopigmentation.

Author of a large number of publications, developer of creative techniques for permenent makeup.

Winner of the first championship “Contour Veka” in Russia (2003)

Speaker at International permanent makeup conferences.

Judge of permanent makeup championships in Russia and abroad.

Member of Coordination Council of the Society of Aeshetic Dermopigmenation Professionals.

Yevgenia Aytas

International Master Teacher

Marika Huhashvili

International Master Teacher

Line Ekelund

International Master Teacher

Elena Pavlova

Elena Pavlova is a Master Teacher at BIOTEK Academy in Russia and abroad also (Italy, Portugal, Brazil), the Russian PMU Champion and a movie Make-up Artist . Spiker and author of new articles and techniques, member of international juries. She has a PMU Academy in St. Petersburg (Russia) and a branch in Lisbon (Portugal). She is a main figure of the international project "Beauty without borders".

Tracey Simpson

Tracey Simpson CEO of Natural Enhancement (UK) Ltd is one of the most influential, internationally recognised experts in Micropigmentation education. She is an advisor and contributor to CIBTAC’s Level 4 Micro-pigmentation Education Programme and has educated thousands of successful technicians.

Kamila Kaca

Kamila Kaca is a graduate of an Art school in Poland. She is a top PMU trainer of her own uniquely created techniques and an International speaker at worldwide PMU events. Owner of Art the vastly successful Permanent Make-up salon in Ireland and exclusive distributor for Biotek in Ireland.

Melinda Gaspar

Close to ten years ago this remarkable work became her life's ambition and goal. Melinda's goal is that not only domestic, but internationally I can extend the highest standards of her career work achievements I. The natural art techniques that she prefers to use as priorities and as basics to bring about the highest fashion goals that try to materialize my goal successes. Melinda is successfully managing the Biotek international academy and distribution in Hungary

Eliza Nae

With an expert knowledge of PMU & Microblading techniques, Master Teacher Eliza Nae is sure to always find the best solution for each client and student individually. Being naturally keen on making her client’s wish a reality, she will respect beauty and health above all else. A true professional, Eliza Nae boasts a vast experience in this field, internationally acknowledged and awarded. Eliza is successfully managing the Biotek international academy and distribution in Romania.

Daniela Cauchi Morguello

PMU Artist and Director of Biotek International Academy - Malta. Exclusive distributor of Biotek and Director of Art in Beauty Clinic - Malta.

Anna Florence Ferrario-Fichter

Born in 1971, CEO of Anna Dermo Permanent Make up in France ince 2003.
Organisator of the first PMU master Class and PMU Conference in France.
Owners and trainers of 3 PMU academies in France (Paris, Carqueiranne and Nancy).
Biotek Distributor for France since 2017.

Graduated by the "Union Internationale de Medecine Esthetique", he has always seek the balance between beauty and health, whereby he look out to merge his knowledge between PMU, Microneedle and Aesthetic Medicine.
In other words: Passion, Art, and Science, that together result in a natural and personalized work made exclusively for each patient.

Monika Ivanyi

Luz Estela Franco Barros

Master in advanced, corrective and paramedic Micropigmentation, she has created her own technique called 'Supercilia Lines'and " Latin Brows" which she describes as "a precise, easy to learn, more realistic and simple, ideal for the training of people". Its objective is to train and promote its technique by selecting a large number of technicians who apply Micropigmentation with criteria of excellence and where the client can safely and confidently beautify, rejuvenate their facial features or correct aesthetic anomalies.
'' The most durable style is the one we incorporate into our lives, and we make this our best version. ''

Roman Klosovskyi

Sylwia Nawrot & Sylwia Dobrowolska - Amazink Areola

Alexandra Nowak

Alexandra Koehler

Stefan Skalbania

Oliyah Joseph

Mar Diaz

Wilna Joubert

Nadine Minns

Caroline Chamut

Pascal Haddad

Marco D'orso

Lorena Ferro

Soula Koutsogiannaki

Trang Nguyen

Angie Kwiatkowski

Rochelle Muller

Frances Perez

Ingrid Cachon

Seranda Shala