Is it painful?

Semi-permanent makeup is usually a very well tolerated procedure.

Pain perception is obviously totally subjective and therefore it is hard to specifically quantify it.

What is sure is that the delicate dexterity of the operator and the quality of the needles used contribute to making the treatment even more painless.

Low quality needles, not sharpened, create greater friction entering within the skin and leaving it, resulting in a sensation of pain. Biotek permanent make-up guarantees the highest quality and therefore the operator will only use needles designed to be non-invasive on the skin, effective but not painful!

As a consequence, even the post treatment redness will be minimal, allowing you to immediately return to your daily activities.

The eyebrow treatment, usually, is totally painless, indeed, even customers find it relaxing and after a few minutes fall asleep.

The eye treatment is slightly more annoying, usually the clients describe it not as a pain but as a nuisance; often comparable to the feeling of having a grain of sand in the eye.

The lip treatment is slightly more annoying, nothing that a woman can not withstand easily! Customers usually compare it to the pain of waxing or laser epilation.