La mejor marca de maquillaje permanente.

Cuando se trata de maquillaje permanente, es imposible evitar hablar de Biotek. Biotek es, de hecho, un líder mundial en la producción de productos de maquillaje permanentes. Con experiencia, seriedad y pasión, el equipo de Biotek ha trabajado durante años para crear equipos de alta calidad, fabricados exclusivamente en Italia.

Permanent make-up: a make-up always ready

For more than 30 years Biotek is specialized in the art of semi-permanent makeup, an aesthetic technique that aims to give a perfect face to women and men. The semi-permanent make-up is carried out using a special machine improved by Biotek, over the years. Always on the move to ensure high performance.

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How long does the semi-permanent makeup last?

Permanent make-up is also often referred to as "semi-permanent make-up" because, to be always perfect, it has to be retouched once a year on average. It is good to know that different areas require specific attention. For example, permanent eyebrow makeup requires an annual makeup, while permanent lips and eyes makeup can be perfected every two years.

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The details that make the difference

The passion and care that Biotek puts into the art of semi-permanent make-up can also be seen in the attention to safety and details. Through the use of disposable and sterile micro-needles, a special pigment is placed under the skin. To ensure optimal results in permanent makeup of the lips, eyebrows and eyes, Biotek uses only biocompatible, tested, safe, compliant, sterile and hypoallergenic pigments.

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Fascinating without upsetting: the permanent makeup that aims to a natural effect

For Biotek, the keyword behind the semi-permanent make-up is "naturalness". No distortions, no excesses: passion and preparation for a permanent quality makeup.

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Not just products, but also training for a permanent professional makeup

Biotek believes in study, research and constant improvement. For this reason, Biotek organizes training to learn how to use the technique of semi-permanent makeup. It is important not to underestimate the experience and preparation necessary to do a good job and, since each area has well-defined characteristics, it is good to follow specific courses for permanent makeup to the lips, eyebrows and eyes.

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Tailored educational courses

To make a high quality permanent make-up, you need to be prepared and know well the human body, the equipment, the techniques and the dangers. For this reason, Biotek offers a wide range of educational courses to train real experts in the field of semi-permanent make-up.

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