Biotek was born in 1987 by a man's dream

Massimo Froio, founder and president of Biotek Milan.

After years of experience in the medical sector, Massimo is passionate about this growing world and he founded Biotek, the first Italian company producing tattoo devices.

The birth of Permanent Make-Up

After a few years, thanks to the experience and collaboration with great artists, the first permanent makeup device in the world was born.

Since that success, many other ones followed one another for Biotek Company which has always been in search of perfection to realize tools that could satisfy market demands.

Biotek is the world's leading brand in PMU

After 30 years, it is present in 43 countries in the world with 50 academies and more than 200,000 active customers.

Massimo Froio “I’m so proud to represent Italian excellence in the world. Could you imagine which means, for a boy like me, the opportunity to realize his main dream?
I can only say thank you, to all of you who choose us every day "

Biotek Family

An academy? A company? It would be too reductive give us a category like these! We are a family!

In the world they call us the Biotek Family, not only because the company is managed by a family but also because every teacher, client, professional who becomes part of our family is treated as such. Our philosophy is to surround ourselves with beautiful people and share our same passion.
If you love your job, you will not even work a day in your life.