National Staff

Francesca Froio

Biotek corporate manager & general director of Biotek International Academy.

Born into permanent make up, graduated in marketing and business communication, soon gets fascinated by the beauty world and in particular way by dermopigmentation field that she practices since many years.

Inventor of various Pmu techniques, valued expert with international experience.

Francesca finds inspiration in creating every day new techniques and new educational protocols, to provide to Biotek students always the best and most innovating courses.

Silvia Pongoli

International Biotek Academy Master Teacher
She starts her career as a jewelry designer. She is a fashion designer, a producer of fine jewelry and a teacher at Rome's costume and fashion academy. She begins to work in the world of artistic tattoos inspired by the idea of realizing jewels tattoo. Then she discovers the world of permanent makeup and fall in love with this. Thanks to Biotek she combines the passions for teaching and dermopigmentation. The creativity that distinguishes her personality, finds its way out in the game of colors and in the continuous research of new techniques in the field of Permanent Make Up.

Deborah Gelsomino

Deborah Gelsomino is a successful dermopigmentist actually based the central Italy. Passionate about visagism, she has dedicated herself to permanent makeup for more than ten years. She strongly argues that the true essence of beauty lies in the naturalness of forms. Her main aspiration, after years of continuous reserach and training, is to enhance and improve the natural beauty of women. Deborah is a Biotek Master Teacher from 2010.

Anna Cappellari

Drawing passionate since she was a child, Anna Cappellari dedicates her first art studies attending the Boscardin Artistic institute of Vicenza.
Since 2001 he attended the first Semi-Permanent makeup and make-up courses. In November 2014 she earns the National Diploma of Senology Dermopigmentation, an advanced course focused on the reconstruction of the mammary areola, post mastectomy.
Thanks to this, Anna collaborates with beauty centers and medical clinics in Italy, such as Milan, Verona, Padua, Treviso, and abroad, in Miami, London and Ibiza.
She also obtained the ULSS 90 hours certification to work as tattoo and piercing operator, in Mestre (Venice).
​From 2017 Anna has joined the Biotek staff as a Master Teacher.

Laurita Ricci

She’s a PMU and Microblading Master Teacher at Biotek Academy.

In the role of speaker at scientific and aesthetic seminars, she works over thirty years in the field of professional make-up, dermopigmentation and specialized aesthetics, in collaboration with surgeons and aesthetic doctors.

Curiosity, passion and study allow her to specialize herself in the needling sector.

Sharing all this knowledge with her family, she opens the PMU and specialist aesthetic Academy in Florence, in partnership with Biotek, after long years of work dedicated to beauty.

Lorena Cara

Dora Marcano

Born in Venezuela, today Dora is one of the most successful Dermopigmentist, Artist, Esthetician, Make-Up artist, International Master Teacher and Ambassador of the Biotek Academy nationally and worldwide. Since she was very young, Dora began to work in the field of aesthetics with dedication and passion. Since 2007 she undertook to do Permanent Makeup, supported by the most world-renowned Masters, travelling and learning various techniques applied on different skin types. Today Dora has developed its working protocols based on new customized techniques. Now her experience and knowledges have been made available to the world of PMU. In fact, Dora has been invited many times to take part to national and international conferences as a speaker and Master teacher to help all those people like her to grow and specialize in the field of this ever-changing world of Permanent Makeup.

Sara Vanessa Valli

Always passionate about piercing and tattoos, at the age of eighteen she starts to collaborate with the main figures of this sector in the Milan area. She graduated first in economics and then in psychology, working as a corporate trainer and a relational counselor. In 2004 she met the world of Permanent Make Up, attending his first course of Visagistic and Corrective Dermopigmentation. Afterwards she specialized in Scalp and Medical Dermopigmentation: working on mammary areola, vitiligo and scars, she mixes her artistic skills and her desire to help other people. She also performs Removal and Camouflage treatments in order to delete or cover wrong works, Microblading and Bioneedling. From 2016 she collaborates with Biotek as International Master Teacher.

Simona Carotenuto

Laura Sisto

Paola Di Giacomo

Raised in a family working in the fashion sector, Paola developed the passion for "beauty" since she was a child. Creative as a child, in her father's lab, she loved to combine pieces of leather, fur coat and fabric and to realize clothes and accessories. For 15 years she has worked in the goldsmith industry dealing with sales and recruiting management. For 10 years she has been an image consultant and collaborates with doctors and cosmetic surgeons. 7 years ago she starts her career as a dermopigmentist with a strong passion for the sector of Permanent Make-Up. Paola collaborates with various beauty centers and aesthetic medicine centers in northern Italy and in Switzerland. He obtained the certification of the "ULSS ninety hours" course for tattoo and piercing operators in Milan.

Natalia Pamirska

Natalia Pamirska, of Ukrainian origins, grew up and has been living in Brescia for over 20 years. Since she was a child, she demonstrated great passion and skills toward artistic drawing and manual capabilities that made her naturally develop an interest in the field of the art of permanent makeup. While she developed her carrier as a beautician and makeup artist she started to mature an interest for PMU becoming ever more fascinated with the art of permanent makeup. This passion for PMU led her to start an intense course of studies and training in the fields of aesthetic and medical dermopigmentation. She took part and is still participating in various types of Master Classes with some of the most recognized professionals in the world. Since 2018 she has been recognized the title of Master teacher for Biotek. Over ten years of experience together with the will to study and attend the latest state of the art techniques combined with her natural talent in manual skills make Natalia a recognized professional in the art of permanent makeup and the natural choice when selecting with total trust someone for the care of your beauty.

Roberta Stopar

Always in love with make-up and tattoos, she discovered the world of dermopigmentation in 2010 attending the Biotek course in Milan. In 2012 she opened in Taranto (Apulia) the first studio specialized in visagistic and artistic tattoo. Always looking for new techniques, she continues to study and attend master's degrees, falling in love with Permanent Makeup. In her works the main objective is to enhance the natural beauty of every woman, creating harmony in shapes and colors.

Laura Ceravolo

Vincenzo Coni

Sarah Checcarelli

Federica Levantesi

Camilla Piloca

Rosita Parenti

Sara Bani