National Staff

Francesca Froio

Biotek corporate manager & general director of Biotek International Academy.

Born into permanent make up, graduated in marketing and business communication, soon gets fascinated by the beauty world and in particular way by dermopigmentation field that she practices since many years. Inventor of various Pmu techniques, valued expert with international experience.

Francesca finds inspiration in creating every day new techniques and new educational protocols, to provide to Biotek students always the best and most innovating courses.

Silvia Pongoli

International Biotek Academy Master Teacher.

She starts her career as a jewelry designer. She is a fashion designer, a producer of fine jewelry and a teacher at Rome's costume and fashion academy. She begins to work in the world of artistic tattoos inspired by the idea of realizing jewels tattoo. Then she discovers the world of permanent makeup and fall in love with this.

Thanks to Biotek she combines the passions for teaching and dermopigmentation. The creativity that distinguishes her personality, finds its way out in the game of colors and in the continuous research of new techniques in the field of Permanent Make Up.

Anna Cappellari

Drawing passionate since she was a child, Anna Cappellari dedicates her first art studies attending the Boscardin Artistic institute of Vicenza.
Since 2001 he attended the first Semi-Permanent makeup and make-up courses. In November 2014 she earns the National Diploma of Senology Dermopigmentation, an advanced course focused on the reconstruction of the mammary areola, post mastectomy.

Thanks to this, Anna collaborates with beauty centers and medical clinics in Italy, such as Milan, Verona, Padua, Treviso, and abroad, in Miami, London and Ibiza.
She also obtained the ULSS 90 hours certification to work as tattoo and piercing operator, in Mestre (Venice).
​From 2017 Anna has joined the Biotek staff as a Master Teacher.

Laura Ceravolo

Laura ceravolo has always been passionate about beauty and approaches the world of fashion at a very young age.
She is an image consultant specialized in photographic and cine-television corrective make-up. You have been involved in this sector for several years.

She becomes a specialized beautician, she manages various beauty institutes and in 2008 she decides to open her own salon.
Her passion for make-up brings her closer to permanent make-up. She then decides to specialize in this sector by attending various courses.

She studies various techniques to best enhance each face while maintaining the right naturalness, until she becomes a master teacher of the Biotek international academy.

Paola Di Giacomo

Raised in a family working in the fashion sector, Paola developed the passion for "beauty" since she was a child. Creative as a child, in her father's lab, she loved to combine pieces of leather, fur coat and fabric and to realize clothes and accessories. For 15 years she has worked in the goldsmith industry dealing with sales and recruiting management.

For 10 years she has been an image consultant and collaborates with doctors and cosmetic surgeons. 7 years ago she starts her career as a dermopigmentist with a strong passion for the sector of Permanent Make-Up. Paola collaborates with various beauty centers and aesthetic medicine centers in northern Italy and in Switzerland. He obtained the certification of the "ULSS ninety hours" course for tattoo and piercing operators in Milan.

Natalia Pamirska

Natalia Pamirska, of Ukrainian origin, has lived for more than 20 years in Brescia and was born as a beautician and make-up artist. Passionate about artistic drawing since she was a child, she develops great artistic and manual skills that will lead her over the years to become more and more passionate about the art of permanent make-up. Her passion and dedication to PMU lead her to undertake a course of study in the field of aesthetic and medical dermopigmentation. She has attended and still attends many courses and has participated in several internationally renowned Masterclasses with the most established professionals.

Since 2018 she is a Biotek Master Teacher. Her decennial experience, combined with her continuous willingness to learn new avant-garde techniques and great manual skills, make Natalia a recognized professional of permanent make-up to whom you can entrust the care of your beauty in total confidence.

Ilaria Mazzei

Ilaria Mazzei was born with a love for art and aesthetics, she attended art school and dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. At the age of 19 she poses as a beauty photo model and develops a particular interest in traditional make-up, the continuous make-up changes make her notice how her face can look different from time to time depending on how they are put emphasize the shapes and used the colors. This leads her to approach the world of permanent makeup and pushes her to undertake a professional path that combines love for tattooing with that for aesthetics.

The passion for Permanent Make-up and the continuous search for her professional growth lead her to be a Biotek Master teacher today. Ilaria is active as a freelancer in northern Italy, she attended the 90-hour health and hygiene course and obtained the certification as a tattoo and piercing operator.

Nicole Meroni

Nicole Meroni has always been attracted to all forms of art, from painting to sculpture to design. You attended the art school and during the preparation for the final exam you became convinced that you wanted to devote yourself to tattooing. Nicole attended the regional health and hygiene course and immediately followed by a private tattoo course. At the age of 19 she decided to start her own business dedicating herself with passion to the search for particular subjects to express the personality of the person herself.

Just the desire to make what she drew more alive confirmed the passion she felt was born for permanent make-up. In 2016 she was lucky enough to meet Biotek and today she is a Master Teacher. You attended the basic course and subsequently several more specific courses to deepen your knowledge and skills even better. Now in her works, she feels she can add a personal touch that not only improves the appearance but also the facial expression.

Carlotta Pantano

A lover from an early age in the world of beauty and make-up, she leaves an established managerial position to pursue her great passion. She graduated in aesthetics in 2010, quickly becoming an assistant and later a laboratory teacher in three professional aesthetic institutes. She is a trainer for skin care brands, she collaborates with important wellness centers, and is selected to do make-up in fashion events in Italy and America.

She has always been attracted to permanent makeup, she meets Biotek in 2017, following the entire preparation process. She opens her own specialized permanent make-up and Needling center in Milan, participating in various internationally renowned Masterclasses with the most established professionals. From February 2023 she achieves her great desire and becomes Master Trainer Biotek, combining her great love for permanent makeup and her passion for teaching. Her motto is: “Beauty is a combination of technique and elegance!”.

Sarah Checcarelli

Sara Checcarelli has been a specialized beautician since 2009, graduated holistic masseuse in 2010. Driven by great passion and a strong desire to fully discover the world of well-being and aesthetics, she participates in numerous courses throughout Italy and thus her professional background grows, passing for cosmetology, phytotherapy, massage physiotherapy, visagism and make-up, to the study of skin imperfections and aesthetic microneedling. She embarks on the path of dermopigmentist with Biotek in 2011 and begins a training period that has never stopped, until the graduation of Master Teacher Biotek and Reliftalia teacher in 2019.

She has been working in the sector since 2009, has collaborated with an important national massage academy and with numerous wellness centers and spas, in 2013 she opened her own center in Cortona in Tuscany, where every day she performs specialized biostimulation treatments, face / body treatments and permanent makeup.

Federica Levantesi

Permanent make-up master, she began her journey in this world about 10 years ago, almost for fun mainly because she was fascinated by beauty, and by visagism in general. To date, however, she plays a very important role throughout Italy, boasting, among other things, several entertainment and international people among her clients.

What unequivocally distinguishes her works is the continuous search for naturalness, this is demonstrated in all her techniques, the detailed study and the care of every single detail lead her to obtain effects of maximum realism, almost to leave you incredulous. She strongly believes that nothing is impossible, and her techniques are constantly evolving as well as her training of hers. This is because only with perseverance and the desire to reach the top can you be among the best!

Camilla Piloca

Born in Rome, dermopigmentist, beautician, nail technician and teacher of the Biotek Academy in Rome.

She starts working in the field of aesthetics with love and passion, she opens her first nails shop in 2010 and her first beauty center in 2016. She entered the field of demopigmentation in 2014 and in 2017 she began her training as a Biotek master teacher!

To date, Camilla has become the main point of reference for many dermopigmentists thanks to her patience, passion and care in teaching.

Valeria Panzironi

Young and enterprising Valeria Panzironi is the new Biotek Rome Master Teacher.

Part of her life is dedicated to her studies and she graduated in Economics and Finance from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. In 2014 she attended the first permanent make-up course, became a tattoo artist and in 2016 she opened her first “Estetica Lab” salon. For her, a good job is made up of dreams, sacrifices and hopes. She is chosen for her simplicity and ability to make permanent makeup the best job in the world.

On the world scene this is just the beginning for you, and are you ready?

Clarissa Badalamenti

Clarissa Badalamenti was born as a make-up artist in a prestigious academy in Rome and specialized in beauty make-up.

Driven by her passion and determination, which have always led her towards the world of beauty, she continues to establish herself more and more in what she recognizes as her dream job. From here, her meeting with Biotek, with which she begins her great adventure which takes shape with her proclamation as Master Teacher.

Clarissa and her love for beauty add another important piece to the Biotek family.

Federica Lombi

Always attracted to all forms of art, Federica Lombi became a nail technician in 2006 and a beautician in 2009. For her, an essential part of this job, in addition to technical skills, is to have empathy with people, to be communicative. Her maximum gratification is to improve the appearance of her customers, and it is precisely this that has allowed her to make her way in aesthetics, becoming several times in charge of the shops in which she has worked.

She attends a tattoo and piercing academy obtaining the qualification of tattoo artist and piercer. In 2015 she approaches the world of permanent make-up, attending a Biotek Open Day, then a basic course and various advanced courses. In 2021 she decides to dedicate herself exclusively to the world of PMU and today she is a Master Teacher Biotek. For her future, he dreams of opening a tattoo studio, where she can establish herself in the permanent make-up sector, growing with him.

Camilla Di Fulvio

Camilla Di Fulvio since she was a child discovers that she has a passion and a natural talent for drawing and the artistic disciplines. During her adolescence she attended the art school, perfecting her technical and stylistic skills. After high school, she began her career at the age of 18 as a photographer, which made her passionate about manual and artistic work. After five years she discovers the art of tattooing thanks to her partner and begins to experiment in the field of body art by creating artistic tattoos.

In 2016 she approaches the world of aesthetic tattooing, and she decides to start her journey in the PMU field. She realizes she's on the right track, realizing right away that she didn't want to do anything else with her life and that that would be her job. With commitment and dedication she has perfected her techniques more and more and today she holds the role of Master Teacher at the Biotek Academy of Pescara. By teaching her goal is to pass on her experience and passion to those who, even if starting from scratch, would like to establish themselves professionally in the beautiful world of dermopigmentation!

Erica Mancini

Passionate about beauty since she was a child, Erica carries on this dream and realizes it by becoming a specialized beautician. She opens her own beauty institute in 2014 and in 2017 thanks to an open day she approaches the world of Permanent Makeup and immediately falls in love with her; she decides to specialize in this sector by attending various courses.

The main goal for Erica is to improve natural beauty, researching delicate and light techniques without distorting, with elegant and performing results.

Today Erica is a Biotek teacher at the Biotek Academy in Pescara and after much study and commitment, she has decided to pass on all her passion for this wonderful profession.

Dora Marcano

Born in Venezuela, Dora is a dermopigmentist, beautician, make-up artist, and permanent make-up artist. An international Master Teacher and Ambassador of the Biotek Academy, she is now one of the best known nationally and internationally.

From a young age she has worked in the field of aesthetics with dedication and passion and in 2007 began her studies in the fantastic world of PMU permanent make-up. Training directly with world-renowned masters, traveling and learning the various techniques, today Dora has developed her own working protocols based on new customised techniques.

Thanks to the experience gained over time, Dora makes her knowledge of the PMU world available, thanks to numerous invitations to national and international congresses as a speaker and Master Teacher to help all those people who, like her, are fascinated by this constantly evolving world.

Vincenzo Coni

CEO of 'Dermatrico Repair', a company founded in Sardinia that has been providing Tricopigmentation and training worldwide since 2010.

In 2012, Vincenzo Coni created his own method called 'Realistic Dots'. Different, his participations in conferences and world championships, with lectures on Tricopigmentation all over the world.

International speaker and teacher, in 2019 his first publication appears in the book "Dermocapillus" by Vanessa Siquera (Brazil). Since 2019 Vincenzo has been a teacher of Trichopigmentation at the prestigious Biotek Academy.

Carlotta Casanova

A beautician for 15 years and immediately passionate about the world of make-up and tattooing, Carlotta started her career as a dermopigmentist by working on her own and supporting different tattoo studios in Genoa. She attended many professional courses until she decided to enter the world of dermopigmentation, which was slowly starting to take off, with increasingly cutting-edge techniques. 

<<One day I was contacted by Biotek because there was the possibility of modelling at a Masterclass organized by Francesca Froio, and I didn't let myself repeat it a second time! Here I had the chance to experience the company as a spectator and I fell in love with it. As an operator in the sector, quality and professionalism can be recognized! >>

Today Carlotta is a Biotek teacher at the Accademia Biotek Liguria. After much study and commitment, she has decided to get involved and start her professional career again in our incredible team.

Federica Graci

Federica was born as a beautician in 2005 and has been performing Permanent Makeup since 2007. In 2013 she opened her own studio in Alessandria, obtaining her specialization at the Biotek Academy in Milan.

Since then Federica has continued her training path with perseverance and commitment, obtaining various awards and satisfactions, including the title of Master Teacher at the Biotek Liguria Academy. Federica is an innovative operator and always looking for new techniques. She has a keen eye for detail and a knack for creating natural-looking results that enhance features and boost self-confidence. She is constantly updated with the latest techniques and technologies in the field, in order to guarantee the most advanced and effective treatments available. Her passion, precision, perseverance, and continuous training make her a point of reference in the permanent make-up sector.