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BioNeedling stimulates the endogenous collagen production by the mechanical action of stimulating specific micro-needles.


Unharmful Efficacy

The needles are arranged concentrically, perpendicular to the supporting plane. They use a totally different production technology compared to semi-permanent make-up needles.
The function of permanent make-up needles is to implant pigments in a specific area, while those from Bioneedling must stimulate the production of collagen, damaging the epidermis as little as possible.

Our Expertise

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The disposition and the shape of the needles is designed specifically to treat various imperfections, from the largest to the smallest.
Hence the need to have a range of needles specific needles 1 tip, 3 tips, 12 tips and 24 tips.


Trust Biotek!

Like each product realized by Biotek, needles also meet the strictest European and world standards.

Security is a mission for us.

Whoever uses Biotek must always feel in legality and be able to prove it to the authorities and its clients.

What you can do


In your hands, you have a unique tool! Unlike common needling methods, the Biotek BioNeedling system allows you to work with precision on small lines, spots, scars and other imperfections.
The BioNeedling needle range is composed of small needles, ideal for treating small areas and going to stimulate precisely where needed; but also from larger needles, ideal for treating larger areas such as the whole face treatment.
It improves skin texture, dilated pores and reduces skin laxity.

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