Biotek Academy

The perfect place for the training of real professionals

Paramedical course, permanent makeup course, tricopigmentation course: the Biotek Academy has created an excellent educational offer to train professionals who aims to know how to perfectly use the permanent makeup technique.

Not just products, but also training for a permanent professional makeup

Biotek believes in constant improvement, which is only possible through a process of continuous training. This is why it organizes paramedicl courses, permanent makeup, tricopigmentation to learn how to use Biotek’s techniques and tools in the best way possible. It is important not to underestimate the experience and preparation necessary to do a good job and, since each area has well-defined characteristics, it is good to follow all the steps provided by Biotek, the leading international school in terms of number of locations and teachers.

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Tailored educational paths

To make a high quality permanent make-up, you need to be prepared and to know the human body well, the equipment, the techniques and the dangers. This is why Biotek offers a wide range of educational courses: to train real experts in the field of semi-permanent make-up.

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Over 30 years of experience: experience, innovation, training

The paramedical course, together with the permanent makeup course and the tricopigmentation course require a combination of experience and innovation, training and quality. The only Permanent Make Up Academy with ISO 9001 quality certification, Biotek guarantees the high professionalism of its courses thanks to the best teachers in the world.

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When theory marries practice

Biotek believes that the best way to learn is through practice. For this reason, every course, from the paramedical, to the permanent makeup, to the tricopigmentation one, includes a Student Report - Teachers 2 to 1. This allows to organize the courses to ensure that each person is followed in his/her first approaches to the techniques of the Permanent Make Up.

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Top specialist: the winning technique at a global level

Specific contents, exclusive method and internationally renowned professionals as teachers are the key features that make Biotek the winning choice worldwide. Present in more than 40 countries, the paramedical courses, the permanent makeup courses and the tricopigmentation courses are the flagship of the largest private permanent makeup school.

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Learn, improve, realize, specialize: choose the learning path that is most suitable for you.

Whether you are a beginner or you have already entered the world of permanent makeup, Biotek has thought of a training course suitable for you. Choose between the paramedical course, the permanent makeup course and the tricopigmentation course and then specify your skills: we will advise you on the offer that best suits your needs!

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