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Select the scalp tricopigmentation

Thanks to the new scalp pigmentation techniques perfected by Biotek, thinning and hair loss will no longer be a problem. No surgery, no transplants: finally, the winning weapon to reproduce a perfect shaved effect.

The pleasure of feeling beautiful with the scalp tricopigmentation

Biotek puts its heart in every new research, in every new study, in every new idea. Biotek’s commitment has led to a continuous improvement of its techniques. Among the latest techniques, the scalp tricopigmentation, thanks to the 3D Tricoliner Biotek system, will give you a new look.

Hair is part of us, of our way of presenting ourselves, our style, our personality. Say goodbye to the discomfort, try the scalp tricopigmentation!

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Reproduce the shaved effect? With the scalp tricopigmentation, nothing could be simpler

Your baldness can be easily covered, thanks to the Biotek tricopigmentation! Masking the blemishes of the scalp, the tricopigmentation allows you to achieve a natural shaved effect, thanks to professionals who use safe and effective techniques. Choose to live well, choose an immediate and safe result!

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Equipment for professionals: Biotek has everything under control

Biotek has created a line of specific professional needles to obtain the best results in the tricopigmentation technique. Customer satisfaction, peace of mind and trust are three key points for Biotek, who worked hard to be able to create the ideal instrumentation. Biotek's Tricolineer tip, specially designed to work naturally, has been thought to ensure complete safety. In fact, it cannot penetrate too deeply and it guarantees a tricopigmentation of the scalp.

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Shades and colors: with the scalp tricopigmentation, we find the perfect solution for you

For Biotek, every detail makes the difference. For this reason, it has created a palette of available colors giving each customer the right pigmentation of the scalp. They are not simple dots, each hair is a fundamental detail. It is from this premise that Biotek has developed, in collaboration with the worldwide association of baldness surgery, TricoColor, the best solution for the scalp tricopigmentation.

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Experience, quality and innovation: from professionals to professionals

Biotek has collected almost 30 years of experience, succeeding in becoming the number one producer in the paramedical dermopigmentation instrumentation. Unique tools, specifically designed to guarantee an areola reconstruction, a vitiligo camouflage and a cover of high quality scars-cover.

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Give new life to your nipples: choose Biotek areola reconstruction

Biotek has developed a line specifically dedicated to the areola reconstruction. Thanks to the use of numerous shades, the paramedical dermopigmentation technique will give you a high quality natural effect. Get back to feel good again, enhancing yourself and rediscovering your beauty: entrust yourself to Biotek.

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Forget vitiligo, thanks to Biotek's dermopigmentation

Do not let skin hypochromia be a problem! Thanks to Biotek’s paramedic dermopigmentation, acting on vitiligo camouflage is a real and non-invasive solution. Through the chiaroscuro technique, nuances are created to ensure natural results, which allow you to feel in peace with your appearance again.

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