Is it safe?

Biotek semi permanent make up is the best ever for quality and both in terms of results achieved and safety.

Biotek has been producing all of its products in Italy for 31 years, in cooperation with the strictest European standards.
Over the years, as a small Italian company, Biotek has become the number one brand in the permanent world, proudly representing Italian excellence in the world.

Relying on a professional who uses only Biotek products means to be always safe!

Sure to receive a treatment in full compliance with hygiene standards, with CE certified equipment, a standard in Italy.
The entire Biotek production and training process is ISO 9001 certified.
Using a Biotek pigment means being able to choose from a range of over 160 shades. The medical operators have followed a special training and are getting closer to your phototype, so you will not face unpleasant color changes.
Furthermore, they are aromatic amines, synthetic resins, parabens, heavy metals free and not tested on animals.

The details make the difference and we strongly take care of details!