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What is Semi Permanent Make-Up?

Not only a cosmetic discipline...

Semi permanent make up or permanent make up is a cosmetic discipline aimed to improve women and men look. To perform permanent make-up treatment, it is used a specific device, specifically designed to treat the delicate areas of the face and also a pigment placed under the skin through micro-needles.

It is called semi permanent make up just because, to keep the result of the treatment in perfect condition, it is necessary to adjust it once a year for eyebrows, once every 1 or 2 years if for lips and eyes.

Biotek permanent make up pigments don’t contain acrylic resins, are hypoallergenic and produced according to strict European safety standards.

The most common and most requested treatments are the total or partial definition / reconstruction of the eyebrow arch, the pigmentation of the lips, the eyeliner and the infraliner.

Biotek semi permanent make up is based on two main keywords: safety and excellence.

For us, the ideal permanent make up is as natural as quite invisible because it improves without upsetting. Naturalness is a must for us! The operator's experience and the choice of the materials used will determine the final result. As the desired result is natural, as difficult it will be its realization. To do this it is necessary to have followed specific trainings and have a great experience in this sector.

Sometimes we underestimate the physical and psychological damage to which we can meet if we turn to inexperienced and low-skilled people who use poor materials which are not in compliance with the European Union standards.

A tip: always check that pigment will be used and that the materials are all sterile or disposable!

Using a pigment of dubious origin, only for economic savings, can endanger your health. Low quality pigments can create even serious allergic reactions and may contain carcinogenic amines.

The pigments produced in Europe, must comply with specific rules designed to protect the consumer, which prohibit the use of some components considered possibly toxic to the human body.

Biotek produces its pigments entirely in Italy and in compliance with this European resolution.

When it's possible or not?

There are some cases in which it's good to postpone semi permanent make up treatment or even completely inadvisable on some subjects.

In Biotek, your safety is our priority!
Before the actual treatment, at the institute or at one of the Biotek certified centers, you will be asked to sign an informed consent. This document is essential; it protects both you and the professional.
In this informed consent is explained exactly how the treatment will take place, what precautions you will need to take in the first week after treatment, your personal and sensitive data will be collected. You will be asked to fill in a form where you will have to declare your allergies, the intake of medicines and the medical / aesthetic treatments you have recently undergone.

Being aware of a latex allergy will lead the practitioner to choose to use nitrile rather than latex gloves.
In case of severe allergies to heavy metals (for example nickel) it is inadvisable to carry out the treatment. The needles used by Biotek are made of surgical steel which, although it is a very pure alloy, contains a minimal amount of nickel and therefore could create an allergic reaction in patients with severe allergies to nickel.
Allergies to dyes, food allergies, allergies to dust or graminace, do not affect the permanent makeup, so you can proceed.

Taking medicines
Some medicines interact in terms of color rendering in the skin; for example, they can cause an eyebrow color to not maintain its original color, becoming particularly gray, thus causing an unpleasant result.
These medicines are: antibiotics, cortisone, eutirox, diabetes medicines taken at high levels. Many other medicines can interfere in this way, but with much more moderate changes in color and therefore easily corrected by the professional.
Other medicines interact with the duration of treatment; In these cases permanent makeup will remain for much less time inside the skin.
These drugs are: vessel dilators, accelerating metabolism supplements, hormones.
Taking medicines like the contraceptive pill does not affect permanent makeup, so it is possible to proceed.

Medical treatment in progress
If you are undergoing medical treatment, it is always preferable to wait for the conclusion of this period and obtain a written consent from the doctor authorizing the treatment of permanent make-up on the patient.
This category may include: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, intake of immune suppressants, cortisone treatments.

Beauty treatments
30 days is the time necessary for the skin to rebuild and heal completely, so it is always recommended to wait until the skin has healed completely before subjecting it to a subsequent operation on the same area.
If we talk about fillers, it is good practice to always wait 30 days after the last filler before undergoing a permanent makeup session and vice versa, or wait 30 days after the last permanent makeup session before making fillers in the same area.
The same rule also applies to botox and thread treatments.
For more invasive treatments, such as lasers or chemical peels or liftling, it is necessary to wait for 2 to 5 months.

If you still have any doubts, consult our specialized technician and find out immediately if you can carry out the treatment!

Is it safe?

Biotek semi permanent make up is the best ever for quality and both in terms of results achieved and safety.

Biotek has been producing all of its products in Italy for 31 years, in cooperation with the strictest European standards.
Over the years, as a small Italian company, Biotek has become the number one brand in the permanent world, proudly representing Italian excellence in the world.

Relying on a professional who uses only Biotek products means to be always safe!

Sure to receive a treatment in full compliance with hygiene standards, with CE certified equipment, a standard in Italy.
The entire Biotek production and training process is ISO 9001 certified.
Using a Biotek pigment means being able to choose from a range of over 160 shades. The medical operators have followed a special training and are getting closer to your phototype, so you will not face unpleasant color changes.
Furthermore, they are aromatic amines, synthetic resins, parabens, heavy metals free and not tested on animals.

The details make the difference and we strongly take care of details!

How long does it last?

A well-made semi permanent makeup session should last between 2 and 3 hours on average.

This is the time needed to take care of yourself and realize the masterpiece you expect!

The consultancy phase can last between 30 and 60 minutes and is essential to inform the client about the real expectations about the treatment, understand your needs and try to achieve them in the best possible way.
Biotek certified professionals have studied for years to achieve that role and will make your dreams come true! Entrusted to their experience for the design of the treatment and the choice of the appropriate color.

The treatment itself will last maximum 1.30 h after which it will be repeated a second time after 30 days from the first session. This reinforcement session aims to stabilize and standardize the color, making it necessary to retouch the treatment only once a year.

The duration of permanent make up within the skin is differente from person to person and is influenced by: age, metabolism, climate, geographical area, type of skin.

Enjoy the comfort of a perfect make-up, even just out of the shower!

Is it painful?

Semi-permanent makeup is usually a very well tolerated procedure.

Pain perception is obviously totally subjective and therefore it is hard to specifically quantify it.

What is sure is that the delicate dexterity of the operator and the quality of the needles used contribute to making the treatment even more painless.

Low quality needles, not sharpened, create greater friction entering within the skin and leaving it, resulting in a sensation of pain. Biotek permanent make-up guarantees the highest quality and therefore the operator will only use needles designed to be non-invasive on the skin, effective but not painful!

As a consequence, even the post treatment redness will be minimal, allowing you to immediately return to your daily activities.

The eyebrow treatment, usually, is totally painless, indeed, even customers find it relaxing and after a few minutes fall asleep.

The eye treatment is slightly more annoying, usually the clients describe it not as a pain but as a nuisance; often comparable to the feeling of having a grain of sand in the eye.

The lip treatment is slightly more annoying, nothing that a woman can not withstand easily! Customers usually compare it to the pain of waxing or laser epilation.

The quality of the materials

For us in Biotek, safety is the main priority!

By contacting our Atelier center in Milan or the certified Biotek operators you will receive a technically excellent treatment by using only made in Italy materials produced by Biotek.

We guarantee you perfect hygienic conditions, with disposable and sterile materials.

We guarantee only biocompatible, tested, safe, sterile, compliant to the rules and anallergenic pigments will be used.

Equipments used are conformed to sheet 23 and are provided by CE mark.

Needles are arranged in disposable hygienic modules, to guarantee maximum hygiene and practicality. They are gamma ray sterilized with a validated medical sterilization process.

The operator will make sure to open the needle he will use during the procedure right in front of you.

How is the treatment performed?

Steps of a treatment

The meeting begins with a first step of consultancy to understand your requests and what kind of final result you would like to reach.
The technique will verify the feasibility of the treatment by asking you some questions about your health, allergies, scarring of the skin, taking medicines and aesthetic treatments in progress. You will then have to report in writing the answers to the questions on informed consent, necessary document without which you can not perform the treatment.
Our technicians will show you an exemplary photographic portfolio of different techniques and effects that can be realized, to choose together the perfect one for you. You will be taken to the room for the procedures to carry out the photo before the treatment and then another one will be made when the treatment is finished. This procedure will be repeated before and after each treatment, including retouching.
The operator will then perform a preparatory drawing to agree together the shape that best suits your face and needs. The operator reserves the right to refuse to perform particularly extreme requests or those that do not fall within the canons of beauty set by the Biotek International Academies.
Let our experts in the selection advise you on the color best suited to the effect you want to achieve. We have a range with more than 160 colors, surely we will find what you are looking for!
Once the preparatory drawing is approved and the informed consent is signed in full, it is passed to the actual treatment that usually lasts an average of 1:30 h.
At the end of the session you will be explained how to take care of your treatment by applying specific creams that will be released by the operator.

How Much is a Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment?

The most requested treatments

Every semipermanent makeup treatment at the Atelier Biotek in Milan is performed by the best internationally renowned Master Teachers with extreme professionalism and attention to detail, meeting exactly the tastes of each client.

After the first session of a semi permanent eyebrow, lips, eyeliner or infraliner treatment, a retouching session is needed after about 30-40 days, which will be included in the price of the first treatment if you do it at Milan Biotek Atelier.

If you are wondering what is the price of a treatment carried out by the best international teachers in one of the most exclusive PMU Atelier in the world, in this section you will find all the answers:



600 € (retouch included)


600 € (retouch included)


600 € (retouch included)


400 € (retouch included)


Book your treatment online now by filling out the form with your details in the "Contact us" section and remember, perfection for us is a serious matter!

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