Reversible, antiallergic and bi-compatible pigments for your safety.

The Biotek Trico pigments follow your evolution, they are not permanent, but long lasting, for a precise business policy dictated by the aesthetic consumer needs.

From 1988 we study the perfect color.

Trico Color is easy to implant, with a special and unique formula which doesn't spread itself, obtaining a realistic effect and reproducing perfectly natural hair.

Shaved effect, Density or Camouflage: You choose Biotek which has the right color.

Three different techniques require three specific formulas for the colors to be used. We were not satisfied to only adapt some of our existing 150 colors. We have designed them specifically.


Trico Color

Elegant and natural hairs or a simply head tattoo?

Trico Biotek pigments are not tattoo pigments. The special formulation with pharmaceutical field and the use of the famous "BioRivestimenti" invented by Biotek Labs already in 1987 make it a certified color chosen by doctors as a scientifically consolidated response.