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Permanent Make-Up Training

Permanent Make-Up Training

The main course for Permanent Makeup and Make-Up Design learning. The new updated version is divided into two sections lasting 4 days with the most intuitive and easy teaching system ever, so that you will be able to work autonomously at the end of the course.


Continue to exploit your talent

Fast but intense trainings, designed for those who want to deepen or improve their level without wasting his time.

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Is your first course with Biotek International Academy? We have the course that's right for you. It's free.

Advanced Permanent Make-Up Training

Advanced Permanent Make-Up training

The natural next step after Permanent Makeup basic training to become a specialist. Find out how to use all the new techniques to perform fashionable and natural treatments and satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Academy top learning step

Trainings for professionals who want performing the most advanced techniques to become a Master. A very important title valid worldwide.



Academy Medical Division offers trainings for experienced operators. The goal is giving back smile to those who have suffered pathologies so that now they need the intervention of Permanent Makeup colors to harmonize specific body parts.

Individual Practice

A teacher at your disposal! With us, you can!

Group Practice

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Microblading Course

Microblading Course

Tre giornate per imparare le nozioni base del microblading. Impara le tecniche più richieste e scopri una nuova disciplina.