With Biotek Academy you learn more

With Biotek Academy you learn more, faster and easier

Biotek method is based on a practical approach to learning process: "learning by doing", which will bring you to a rapid progress. In fact, at Biotek Academy we integrate interactive lessons with tutorials on specific synthetic supports, all supported by audiovisual media and advanced training methods. With a teachers - student relationship of 2:1, Biotek guarantees you continuous assistance during and after course.

Innovative method. Evident results


At the beginning of learning process, you are more receptive, interactive and prepared to find out the kind of art that is hidden in you. For this reason we have adapted our teaching method to your individual features. Based on the principle of 'learning by doing', the Academy brings students to continuously learn by enhancing their specific traits.


Academy’s teachers identify the artistic and functional features of each student customizing a specific learning method, obviously in full compliance with an international teaching protocol. Thanks to this, we are able to recognize the natural predispositions of everyone by adapting them to Biotek method in order to obtain professional results very quickly.

The most valid method to learn

In Academy is applied the Biotek Method, the exclusive learning system that overcomes traditional Permanent Makeup Teaching, assures a richer and more immediate experience. Each lesson is enhanced by specific exercises, synthetic supports and innovative technologies. It has been shown that faster progresses are possible with a differentiation in the way of learning.