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Our mission is to transform your talent into a real profession as soon as possible. The Academy method reduces drastically the learning time by ensuring the highest quality. How? By identifying a customized program perfect for your needs.


Learning method

1) LEARN To acquire perfect skills you need a solid base of technical information. Also making a lot of practical exercises based on theoretical notions learned before is fundamental. The Academy method is very useful reducing time and associating practice with theory.

2) IMPROVE When you have acquired the basis of knowledge in PMU you need to apply them practically. The improvement of executive techniques and the discovery of its application is what our Academy proposes in the Advanced Course of Permanent Makeup.

3) REALIZE At this step you are specialized, but your training continues for giving you the opportunity to become a quoted professional.
Academy teachers are top professionals who have decided to devote part of their time to teach and are ready to explain and share with you all the secrets and techniques that have made them famous. At this stage you can "steal" the innovative techniques presented during some FOCUS on specific topics organized by us.

4) SPECIALIZE Our Academy also realizes the desire of those who want to make a difference in the world of PMU by using particular techniques. Masters and Permanent Make Up University are fundamental to become a top professional of Permanent Makeup.

Choose the perfect training according to your skills

All our knowledge is included into a training that can make you a prepared and winning professional.

I AM A BEGINNER: I have no experience in this sector.
What is your ideal training method? Open Day, Permanent Makeup Course, Advanced Permanent Makeup Course, Practice on Models, Focus.

WORKING WITH ANOTHER METHOD or using other equipment.
What is your ideal training method? Method Conversion Focus, Advanced Permanent Makeup Course, Master, PMU University.

I WANT TO INCREASE MY SKILLS, I want to distinguish myself and add value to what I already know.
What is your ideal training method? Advanced Permanent Makeup, Master, Medical, Worldwide Event Course.