Permanent Make Up

The most innovative techniques to thick eyebrows: discover Biotek dermopigmentation.

Youthful Beauty

The privilege to be always beautiful


Permanent Make Up with an elegant Italian Style



Professional devices which make the difference

Each Biotek device is totally produced in Italy, whit a special care to details. We want to give you the best technology and performance.


160 amazing shades.

Let your creativity run wild with Biotek colors.
Safe, stable, long-lasting: a guarantee for you and your customers.


Masterpieces begin within these walls.

Years of studies and modern technology have led us to create a range of 20 types of needles to realize any kind of work you have in mind.

Individual Protection

Other products

We have everything you need.

Products for disinfection and hygiene, but also accessories to be added to professional machinery for permanent makeup. We have thought of everything.