What is Semi Permanent Make-Up?

Not only a cosmetic discipline...

Semi permanent make up or permanent make up is a cosmetic discipline aimed to improve women and men look. To perform permanent make-up treatment, it is used a specific device, specifically designed to treat the delicate areas of the face and also a pigment placed under the skin through micro-needles.

It is called semi permanent make up just because, to keep the result of the treatment in perfect condition, it is necessary to adjust it once a year for eyebrows, once every 1 or 2 years if for lips and eyes.

Biotek permanent make up pigments don’t contain acrylic resins, are hypoallergenic and produced according to strict European safety standards.

The most common and most requested treatments are the total or partial definition / reconstruction of the eyebrow arch, the pigmentation of the lips, the eyeliner and the infraliner.

Biotek semi permanent make up is based on two main keywords: safety and excellence.

For us, the ideal permanent make up is as natural as quite invisible because it improves without upsetting. Naturalness is a must for us! The operator's experience and the choice of the materials used will determine the final result. As the desired result is natural, as difficult it will be its realization. To do this it is necessary to have followed specific trainings and have a great experience in this sector.

Sometimes we underestimate the physical and psychological damage to which we can meet if we turn to inexperienced and low-skilled people who use poor materials which are not in compliance with the European Union standards.

A tip: always check that pigment will be used and that the materials are all sterile or disposable!

Using a pigment of dubious origin, only for economic savings, can endanger your health. Low quality pigments can create even serious allergic reactions and may contain carcinogenic amines.

The pigments produced in Europe, must comply with specific rules designed to protect the consumer, which prohibit the use of some components considered possibly toxic to the human body.

Biotek produces its pigments entirely in Italy and in compliance with this European resolution.