Didactic devices available for you

Express your art. Leave the rest to us

At Biotek Academy trainings you have to bring yourself only. The Academy provides all the technical and training material necessary for the course. Biotek Academy offers to every student about 500 Euros of materials to be used during the course; this is a big investment in order to create today professionals of tomorrow.

Didactic devices that make the difference

In the Biotek fashion bag you will find all the material you need both for the course and your autonomous study at home. Biotek Academy adds: course and hygiene booklet, notebook and pen, Biotek Catalog, Colors Folder, personalized lanyard, etc...

The textbook we jokingly use to define "the Bible of the Permanent Makeup" will explain in detail the main topics discussed during the course. Our Teachers will explore the various topics with images and videos demonstration.

A booklet where you will have to do all the exercises in order to lear the techniques more easily.

You will also have synthetic supports for the first exercises, both for design and practice with dermographs. The Academy has special synthetic silicone skins that reproduce effectively human skin.

In the classroom all instruments are loan for use

All Biotek production is available for comparative tests between different machines. Each student will have his own dermograph for making practice on synthetic supports and model.

The full range of Biotek needles will be available for work phases.


The full range of over 160 colors is available to the classroom to learn how to select and decide the color to use. TEST version colors, for color comparisons, and STERILE colors, for use on models.