Biotek Academy believes in you

What others will never offer you ...

Biotek International Academy of Permanent Makeup believes in you, in your passion, in your dream of living by realizing Permanent Makeup treatments. Thanks to our advanced teaching systems we are sure to turn the skills hidden in you into a real profession. For this reason, if when you have completed the 8-day training session for Permanent Make-up Operators, you don’t feel sure or you want to review some of the topics already discussed, Biotek Academy has studied for you an exclusive formula.

Come back free!

You can decide to attend again the first 4 days of Module 1 of the Permanent Makeup Training for free. This EXCLUSIVE FORMULA, offered by Biotek Academy only, allows you to reach your goal without any additional costs. The first 4 days of Biotek training have a value of 900,00 Euro and the Academy is pleased to invest in a future professional ambassador of Italian quality made in Biotek.

Prepared again for contract

To guarantee you this unique opportunity at the end of Permanent Makeup training you will receive a written contract with the commitment to reschedule the first 4 days of the course just completed. This opportunity is valid in accordance with the availability of seats and within the next 3 months from the end of the training.

* Offer is valid only if the 8-day course has been completed in full and successfully, the diploma has been consigned and the teacher has not reported any particular problems or critical features to prevent inclusion in a collective school environment. A motivation to disqualify the offer is the non-compliance with the rules set out in the ethics code of the Academy or some of them. The first 4 days of course can be repeated within 3 months from the completion date of the main course and in accordance with the availability of seats. The date cannot be chosen by the trainee.

Your Tutor is always with you

Biotek Academy is a Family and, as in every family, members are always ready to help each other.
For this reason, the Academy has realized a post-training service, which NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE. Each Academy teacher will continue to follow you after the training with a personal CONSULTANCY, advising and following you both in the initial stages of your business and also when you become a professional.

Biotek has created a Facebook page called "Biotek Academy Assistance" in which each student can explain his doubts, receive suggestions from the entire Biotek Italian teaching team, in private form.

Do you have any doubts about the right color to use tomorrow morning for your next customer? No problem, put your like on the Biotek Assistance Academy Facebook page and easily send your private message to the teaching team! They will answer your technical questions within 24 hours.

A Master Teacher at your disposal

Do you want to use best your training experience? Organize a day of individual practice.

A Master Teacher will be at your disposal all day long, together you can practice on two models a day or have the opportunity to clarify all your doubts once and for all, taking advantage of the experience of our international Master Teachers.