Perfect eyebrows for an irresistible look

Thanks to Biotek’s experience in microbadging, you can have the eyebrows that you want. A firmer look and a more defined eye will be guaranteed thanks to microblading. Eyebrow microblading is a type of permanent makeup that involves the creation of an eyebrow arch design by introducing the pigment under skin by manual methods. Eyebrow microblading falls into the category of dermopigmentation, therefore it must be done by professionals through the use of top quality products.

To each his own. What is your ideal shape?

Thin, thick, soft, decisive, whatever your ideal shape is, the eyebrow microblading will allow you to create the perfect contour for your look and your personality. Sometimes eyebrows can make you feel uncomfortable, you may not like them, or them treatments can require a lot of time. With microblading, you can achieve a realistic and natural effect for your eyebrows: no more tweezers, no more waxing!

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Biotek: all the tools for an eyebrows microblading at the top of the expectations

Biotek knows that two elements are essential for high quality eyebrow microblanding: a well- trained professional and a first-class instrument set. For these reasons, for many years, Biotek has decided to specialize in the creation of the necessary equipment to make correct eyebrow microblading. Moreover, it started a course dedicated to microblading to teach this technique with the aim of training people to perform perfect eyebrow.

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The perfect nuance: the importance of colors

The professional expert in eyebrow microblading is aware that, in order to do a good job, it is necessary to identify the perfect color suitable for the face. Thanks to Biotek you will benefit of stable, safe, long-lasting colors. A further security for eyebrow microblading.

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The perfect kit for eyebrow microblading

From perfect handpieces to needles, from blades to synthetic leather, Biotek has thought of everything necessary to perform an eyebrows microblading that can live up to our dreams. Disinfection, hygiene and single-use equipment are always available online or at Biotek points.

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Microblading at the eyebrows: a real art

Quality, passion and seriousness are the key words behind of every microblading course organized by Biotek. In order to give a well-defined look, it is necessary that the eyebrows are made to perfection. For this reason, only highly qualified specialists can provide a microblading course organized by Biotek!

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Microblading course: customized programs for all your needs

Biotek provides a wide range of courses to meet every request, every desire. Whether you are an apprentice and want to learn or be a professional and want to excel, Biotek will have a microblading course for you!

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