Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy answers

By Francesca Froio

I would be disoriented in such a wide range of offers and I couldn’t know what to choose; today in so many organize trainings, propose their solution as the best: but are there any differences? The most important difference is that our Academy proposes you a DIFFERENT FUTURE and a NEW PROFESSION, the others only a training.

Many say similar things, why Biotek Academy is different?

Because Biotek Academy is a true Professional Training School, the only Accredited and Certified Academy formed by a wide range of professionals who provide courses. Our Academy works around the world and adapts trainings to new market needs, always offering the best. In order to become a Master Teacher Academy you must already be a professional with years of experience and attend the course for Academic Teachers for 1 year.

How long do the trainings?

Courses are just the way to get a NEW PROFESSION. So the right question would be: "How long is training to become a qualified operator?" The Biotek Academy training lasts from a minimum of 8 to 25 days. 8 days are for us the minimum time for a first course and then continuing with a professional career and starting a HIGHLY REMUNERATING ACTIVITY.

How soon I learn to work?

It's very subjective, but on average 70% of our students at the end of the 8-day Permanent Makeup course are already able to perform simple treatments to offer to their clients.

Why are there so many trainings in your programs?

There are so many modules that progressively deepen the subject and complete your training requirements. When you become even more professional and prepared, you’ll feel the need to move on.

Your courses cost less than others, why?

It would be easy to tell why we are less commercial. The Academy is a Company of the big Biotek international Group and creates synergies that allow to cut costs and offer more services.

I’m scared I’ll make a mistake

I was also too scared to make mistakes when I started, but then I realized that all METHOD was designed to minimize the possibility of error. I also understood I would be followed step by step by many teachers during treatments on model and I could also repeat the first course module. At Academy you starts immediately your real treatments, after 5 days of synthetic practice you’ll make the first treatment on model, assisted individually by our teacher. In 27 years our students have done beautiful and less beautiful treatments, but never wrong ones.

I have already attended a course in other schools, but I don’t feel ready

At least half of our students have already attended a course in another school and they are not prepared. My advice is to attend the Permanent Makeup Academy Course. Often the notions imparted by others are partial. It was not given enough importance to practice or simply they are not been able to discover the ARTIST hidden in you. Our training is open to everyone, from any school or experience, our Academy will become your home.

What can I become?

You can become the WORLD CHAMPION of Permanent Makeup. In the last 10 editions of the Championship for 9 times won a Biotek International Academy student. What you will become depends on you, the desire and the passion that you want to put into this adventure called Permanent Makeup. Biotek Academy provides you all necessary resources.

The false truths about Permanent Make-Up

by Massimo Froio

Every day I’m hearing operators / schools / companies, telling meaningless things which only represent precise sales strategies. As a chemist and expert consultant, a referral to the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Health, I want to give you some pills of truth regarding the most demanding topics.

Natural, magnetic, organic, mineral, medical colors

There are no natural colors suitable for performing Permanent Makeup. A color is always composed of a liquid component (diluent) and a solid one (pigment). The pigment can belong to 2 different chemical families:

• Inorganic (iron oxides, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide)

• Organic (usually used for tattoo colors)

Pure organic contain more heavy metals and carcinogenic aromatic amines. The colors realized with organic pigments are a mixture of 4/5 different shades of color but they change color in an uncontrolled way. It’s very difficult to eliminate them with laser.

Why Biotek produces 130 different shades

Because you don’t need to play “little chemicals” and learn to mix 4/5 colors to find the perfect shade for your customer's phototype. Who offers few colors has no production capacities to make a complete range suitable for all skins and all needs.

Tattoo colors are more durable

Professional tattoo colors are designed for the body, not for the face. Their use on face is prohibited by European laws. Normally they are mixed with acrylic resins and other very toxic substances that can produce damns to the person. Tattoo colors applied to the facial area lose their stability and thanks to very thin dimensions they tend to migrate.

Graphic Eyeliner

Biotek proposes 3 different types of black color in order to create stable and perfect graphic eyeliners. A black pigment (Black liner) is designed to create a dam, a barrier effect for the eventual intensification of the most intense black that will serve for the larger parts. A black pigment (Strong Black) is only realized with carbon black and it is used to fill the graphic eyeliner. It is the most intense black on the market. A further black pigment (Black) is realized to be added to the first two blacks mentioned above and get a greater density.

Medical colors exist

In our sector the colors are regulated by the only norm present - ResAp (2008) 1 - which governs the use of colors for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup. BioResistent Biotek are made with pharmaceutical substances, but they always refer to the Permanent Makeup Market. In Italy only Biotek Medical produces medical colors, designed to be used exclusively in the oncology departments of the major European hospitals and not for aesthetic use. True MEDICAL colors have the CE mark followed by an accreditation number.

Equipments and vibrations

Polytechnic University of Milan has conducted a lot of studies on the size of the machines and their vibrations. These studies establish that smaller machines transmit less vibration. The reason is that in a smaller car the internal moving parts are much lighter and it is easier to move them without parasitic vibrations. All modern designs of any existing machine tend to reduce the size of the set to minimize or eliminate vibrations.

How long does a permanent makeup last?

In so many make me this question, but there is no a unique answer. As you know there are many factors that contribute to the duration of an implanted color. I personally conducted a survey on Biotek professionals working in 42 different Countries around the world. Analyzing the data it realize that BioResistent colors have a duration varying from a minimum of 8 months to a maximum of 18 months. We talk about new jobs, followed by a correction within 20/30 days from the first treatment, which reach the perception of fading by the customer within the given time. For example, BRUN 3 remained beautiful and acceptable for the customer for only 8 months in Israel and for 18 months in Norway.