Why Biotek Academy is the best one

Why to choose Biotek Academy?

For 30 years we work every day for giving you all the advices that experience has taught us.

All our knowledge is included within a training that can turn you in a winning professional figure in the world of Permanent Make-Up

  • We are the leading international school thanks to the number of headquarters and teachers.
  • 30 years ago we’ve started to teach with an innovative method which is the result of a constant upgrade process.
  • We are the only Permanent Make Up Academy with ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • We host only the best teachers in the world.
  • With us you have the guarantee of success: graduate or re-graduate free *.
  • Advanced training organized in comfortable teaching modules for every need.
  • Student - Teachers 2 to 1 relationship.
  • Academy Learning Program starts from the basis, theory is matched to practice.
  • Our teaching approach is easy and suitable for everyone.
  • We dedicate ourselves exclusively to Permanent Make Up.
  • You are always assisted by a tutor, even after the course.

We use the same teaching method around the world.

Our method is

TRUSTY For 30 years we are the largest specialized private school totally dedicated to Permanent Make-Up.

GLOBAL We work in over 40 countries, exchanging information, technical upgrades and social practices. In a multiethnic society where there are no boundaries, modern professionals know how to make treatments on a wide variety of persons.

WINNING The most popular professional figures have been students in one of the many Biotek Academies in the world. From top-specialist it is often possible to become an international teacher and add value on clients treatments - this means be winners.

FORMATIVE We have developed our exclusive method only with specific contents for Permanent Make Up operators.