Perfect and technological, like your art

Each Biotek needle has been designed and produced only with the best steels. We take particular care of the point sharpening because it determines the quality of the work performed. So much technology without a perfect handmade assembly, welding the points with pure silver, would not be enough to make the Biotek needles the most beloved by the operators.


A technology that leaves your mark

Most manufacturers don't think about the technologies that are behind a "simple" needle. The needle is actually one of the key elements to obtain a good work. To design and produce it, it is necessary to carry out in-depth technical studies. Only a technology needle helps you to simplify your work with an impeccable result.

Our Expertise

A delicate touch

A needle has to satisfy many requirements before turning itself in a Biotek one: it doesn't have to make the skin shake in order to guarantee a greater definition and uniformity in color storage; must leave the color at the first time without requiring continuous tweaks; it must be easy to use and chemically safe.

A very high quality needle must penetrate the skin in a precise but delicate manner; must be realized in such a way as to ensure that each micro injection is perfect and always constant; it must slip into the skin, without this following the inlet and outflow of the needle, resulting as delicate as a feather.


Trust Biotek!

Like each product realized by Biotek, needles also meet the strictest European and world standards.

Security is a mission for us.

Whoever uses Biotek must always feel in legality and be able to prove it to the authorities and its clients.

What you can do


Biotek 30 different needles allows you to perform professionally different treatments and give you the opportunity to choose the best point to perform what you want. Biotek needles constantly upgrades themselves along with new techniques.

Biotek's engineering and design office, in collaboration with the top 10 professionals in the world, design the most powerful and easy-to-use needles ever.

Biotek always creates the best needle to satisfy your needs, leaving you free to express your creativity.