Wireless pedal!

MAESTRO has been designed to make your work as easy as possible, even from a practical point of view.

Biotek introduces the first wireless pedal worldwide!

With the revolutionary wireless pedal you can control the remote ignition, without hindrance, without wires and without taking your hands off the dermograph.

A real intelligent computer with over 60 sub-menus!

The new LCD color display with touch menu, allows you to easily navigate among more than 60 pre-set programs of all disciplines: eyebrows, eyes, lips, scars, areola, scalp pigmentation and vitiligo. 

It is possible to enable further menus (such as the BioNeedling menu) thanks to the insertion of an SD card inside the console, which will be homaged together with the purchase of the specific Bioneedling handpiece.

The surface of the MAESTRO Console in tempered glass is easy to clean and disinfect and also provides a magnetic seat to support the dermograph with ease and without the need for additional accessories.

All in one!

MAESTRO, equipped with two dermographs with different technologies, is the ideal and versatile solution for all types of treatment and manual skills.

MAESTRO represents the new era of dermopigmentation thanks to: the menus dedicated to each technique and treatment, and to the two handpieces, Strong handpiece and Soft handpiece, already included.

All in one!

A unique professional device that will allow you to grow in your dermopigmentation path, accompanying you between the various existing disciplines, without further investment!

Everything you need is already included!

Two handpieces, suitable for all your needs!

The STRONG handpiece, is suitable for working on thicker skins and to achieve maximum saturation effects, such as lines. 
It can therefore be used to create beautiful hair by hair treatments, eyeliner, infra-lashes and scalp pigmentation.

The SOFT handpiece instead is a more delicate handpiece, ideal for working on sensitive and particularly delicate skin.
With this dermograph you can create beautiful shadings and it is therefore ideal for treatments such as: lips,shaded eyebrows, scar camouflage and pigmentation of the mammary areola.

In short, whatever your manual skills is, whatever the technical specifications you would like from your PMU device are, thanks to the possibility of choosing between the two SOFT and STRONG dermographs, surely by choosing MAESTRO,you will find the right hand piece for you!