What focus are?

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Duration: 1 day

Price: €250 + VAT

Number of participants: Max 15

Equipment: provided for the entire course

Diploma: certificate of attendance

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Focus defines a new type of course that, tested in the years, has entered into force among the Academy's proposals only in 2015. Focus arises from your requests, from your post-course reports and from the continuous interaction that Accademia has with its students.
Short courses (1 or 2 days at most), but intense and targeted to a single goal at a time. We know that time is never enough, so with our master teachers, we have developed courses that allow rapid growth and immediate application to customers of how much perfected during the Focus.

Focus is a continuation of the path, for those who started in the Academy, but is also open to all those operators who want to review a specific technique or simply have not had time or way of updating.

There are many topics that you have proposed to us; from the correction of works done by others, to the use of different manual skills such as saturation with Flat or Magnum needles.
You have requested practice days to work side by side with a Master Academy teacher or days dedicated to deepening all the most current techniques applicable to a specific area (eyebrows, lips, eyes). Great interest has been shown towards Marketing and in particular towards the correct use of Social Networks, an essential tool to increase visibility and therefore work.

To satisfy all these requests, the Focus courses were born, available in all the Italian Academies. New and specific teachers have joined the great technical team; among these experts in communication and social media, experts in photography, experts in law and law, as well as of course the successful group of Academic Master Lecturers.