Scalp Pigmentation


Scalp pigmentation is a methodology which aims to solve various types of problems: alopecia zones and androgenetics (baldness), auto-transplant and general scars.
Thanks to unique specific techniques, the pigmentation of the scalp is performed by the use of specific pigments through a disposable device and cartridges designed and developed specifically by the Medical Division of the BIOTEK research laboratories in Milan.
The method is efficient and innovative: based on sophisticated scalp paramedical dermopigmentation techniques with extremely realistic and natural results, it already boasts numerous applications of extraordinary success.

For an optimal execution of the treatment, the BIOTEK Medical Division has designed, with the support of specialists, a special equipment to guarantee great versatility to professionals. The multi-function menu allows a wide range of configurations guaranteeing the right answer for all the applications and optimizing the specific functions for the scalp.

The pigmentation of the scalp is practiced with unique application techniques, through the introduction of specific bio-compatible colors under the skin. Produced by the BIOTEK research laboratories in Milan, these colors are characterized by a molecular structure which is reabsorbed by the skin, making the result reversible. The chromatic scale guarantees a very realistic effect because the pigment composition and the various shades allow the adaptation to the natural color of the hair, giving an almost unique illusion effect.


The TRICOSYSTEM® specialization course is aimed at trichologists, specialists already working in the field of baldness, to paramedical staff or technicians already working as micropigmentists who want to specialize in this innovative and highly profitable sector. The aim of the course is to give life to a new specific professional figure, who is able to offer to clients a great help both aesthetic and psychological.

A unique teaching experience, born from the union of passion and experience, made available by important specialists assisted by the quality and technology developed by the technical departments of the Biotek Medical division.

Course program

- Elements of trichology
- Psychological and emotional aspects of the patient
- Solutions on the market and the role of the specialist
- Recognize the main hair transplantation techniques and the main pathologies
- In which cases and how to intervene professionally
- Operational protocols in the treatment of Androgenetic alopecia or common baldness thinning of the front-occipital part of the hair. This kind of alopecia it is the most frequent: it affects men and women of every race, with different gravity. It consists in the sudden fall of the hair, or other body hair, typically manifests itself in patchy glabrous.
- Definitive forms of alopecia.
- Autotransplantation when the amount of transplanted hair has not produced satisfactory coverage. Traction or traumatic Alopecia, which is consequence of repeated tractions on the hair that protracted over time can cause damage.
- Equipments, pigments, applicators and specific auxiliary products
- Techniques and manuality.
- How much is the treatment: cost analysis and benefits.