Acid Cocktail

+Glycolic Acid

Its reduced molecular weight favors its absorption in the stratum corneum. Its activity is linked to the ability to reduce the forces of cohesion among the corneocytes by direct action on the desmosomes. The exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis and the consequent increase in the speed of cellular turn-over, produces an increase in the activity of fibroblasts and the production of collagen and elastin.


+Pyruvic Acid

Its powerful keratolytic activity diminishes the adhesion between corneocytes and thins the stratum corneum. It performs a web-static action and reduces the oiliness of the epidermis when applied to acne skin, thanks to its lipophilia. It penetrate deeply into the follicle wherein exerts bacteriostatic and comedolithic activity, facilitating the emptying of cysts and microcyst. It is indicated for the treatment of skin blemishes, dyschromia, acne skins, impure, asphyxiated and thickened skin.


+Salicylic Acid

The salicylic acid, also called beta-hydroxy acid (bha) has exceptional keratolytic properties, it causes a controlled desquamation with consequent activation of the epidermis renovation. It has a strong comedolytic, bactericidal and sebum-regulating action. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of greasy/oily skins.


+Azeloglicina (R)

Azeloglicina(R) (derived from azelaic acid) can be used as sebum-normalizing, lightening, hydrating-elasticising; it is indicated for products for oily, seborrheic, impure, dehydrated skin or with melanic spots.


+Extract of Rusco

The Rusco root extract has protective properties for the blood vessels, regulates the vascular tone and stabilizes the capillary permeability. For they beneficial properties in favor of the microcirculation, extracts of Rusco are effective in improving the appearance of skin affected by couperose; they are therefore used in cosmetic treatments for sensitive skin characterized by capillary fragility.

Condition of use

For professional use only.

Acid mix 20%


For the treatment of the wrinkles and photo aging. Apply in the localized are for few minutes. Remove it as soon as burning occurs with Freeze Acid Stopper by Reliftalia.


50 ml