60 colors

Why 160 colors?

160 shades, because you are different

Each of us has a different skin color (phototype) and to achieve a perfect result, it is necessary to adapt the color to the individual chromatic features. An operator must focus on work and need a full and articulated range of colors to work best, without having to become a chemical inventing colors. The opportunity to choose the color is the sign of your professionalism and love for your work.

Biotek colors never give up unwanted deliveries.

Innovative & Glamour

With over 160 different tonalities, you will no longer have limits to find the fashionable color that your customer needs.

Designed and realized with the latest technologies, they are the only colors in the world with an active diluent, rich in calcium ions and embedded in a bio-absorbable cross-linked molecule.

They overcome the inflammatory phase caused by needle penetration, leaving all available color for a beautiful and perfect job.

BioResistent sterile colors are designed for women who want to be always beautiful.

Color catalogue and tester

You will never be alone in choosing the right color for your customer. With Biotek's CIS (Color Indication System), it's as if an expert colorimeter specialist was always on your side. Calling it only colors catalogue is reductive for a free tool, which is the basis for a perfect job. A sophisticated system developed for you by Biotek and based on the customer's phototype and on the exact colorimetric and tonal color composition, will always guide you in choosing the best color to make the treatment, avoiding evaluation mistakes.

Biotek is the only company which makes available a precious and elegant Tester with all 160 colors, packed in special glass bottles with included applicator. In this way you can directly test the color nuance of the customer's skin, crawling on the hand 2/4 different colors to make a shared choice of sure effect. The Professional Tester is an essential tool for a professional. Face your customers' doubts with a 160 color palette, demonstrate your professionalism and reassure your customer about the exact color chosen.