Useful Information

Useful Information

Permanent Make Up course.

Duration: 6 days total. Split into 2 + 3 + 1 days modules
Price € 1.800 + VAT

Number of participants: max 7
Equipment: provided by Biotek for all 8 days.
Diploma: Permanent Make-Up operator

Permanent make up course: the heart beating

Permanent Makeup Course is the heart of our training. It is dedicated to all beginners who want to start this business and for this reason it is the richest course of intense information and experience. BIOTEK ACADEMY has developed a work method that is applied to Biotek tools and accessories, which guarantees excellent results quickly.

8 days to treat the vastness of the arguments and to put yourself in the ideal condition of working as quickly as possible.

The method is in fact designed to be immediately applied to practice, in fact theory is closely linked to a work phase.

PERMANENT TRUCK COURSE provides a first module of 4 days of theory, practical on synthetic, preparatory drawing and exercises, and a second module of 4 days in which the 1st day is dedicated the replay, the exercises on a material similar to the skin, before moving on to the 3 days of practice directly on the models.

The topics, detailed in the program, include, in addition to general concepts, color theory, needle selection and hygiene, also sessions dedicated to visagism and face study.
During the practice days students will need to perform all three facial treatments:
eyebrows, eyes and lips. These three applications will be considered evaluation tests.

BIOTEK ACADEMY has developed, in 30 years of experience, a working method that ensures optimum results.