I’m scared to make a mistake

I’m scared to make a mistake

Being afraid to make a mistake is absolutely normal, permanent make up is for you a new and exciting experience and, as all new experiences, it scares.

Fortunately you are in the right place, at the Permanent Make-Up house, which was born 30 years ago.

The best professionals in the world have started here, where you are now learning with the impeccable Biotek method. Today they are famous worldwide artists.

Permanent Make-Up training is formed by two modules in order to give you the chance to practice at home even during 10 days break between the first 4 days and second ones.

In Biotek we take your training very seriously and we will work hard in order to make you strong and ready for the practice part. Before putting your hands on your first model you will have made dozens and dozens of exercises at academy and at home;
remember that exercise and dedication will repay you.

When you will be ready, you can begin from the easiest training: infraliner. You will work with a Master Teacher who will start the treatment in order to show you the technique to use and then she will help you to use it.

At the Biotek International Academy nobody realizes first treatments alone. Nobody can start the treatment if the teacher isn’t close to him/her; this will ensure you and your model an optimal result despite it is the first time.

For this reason in Biotek we have a 1,5: 1 teacher training ratio.
This means that in the practice section there will be two teachers every 3 students.