Permanent Make-Up Training - Buy

The Make-Up Course with video lessons and practice in academy


Duration: 6 days (2 + 3 + 1 days)

Cost: starting from € 1,800 + VAT

Number of Participants: Max 6

Equipment: Provided by Biotek for the duration of the course

Diploma: Permanent Makeup Operator


How the course takes place


The course starts with a first theoretical part, which you can do from the comfort of your home, in your free time, thanks to video lessons online. Through a link you will access a multimedia platform composed of video-lessons; everything will be supported by the textbook (Training Book). This platform will be available for 30 days starting from the activation directly online. At the end of each lesson you will need to fill out a small test to assess your understanding and get access to the next video.


In these two days we will evaluate your preparation and our teacher will be at your disposal to answer any questions that may have arisen in the online learning part. We will make sure that you have perfectly understood the theoretical foundations necessary to start practicing.
After that the teacher will explain to you how to technically perform the three main treatments of permanent makeup, namely eyebrows, eyes and lips.
You will practice in the classroom, with the support of the teacher, to reproduce these techniques on synthetic supports that simulate the effect of the skin.

We have planned a break of about 7/12 days, in which, at home, you will have to practice the techniques learned in class. The exercises will be carried out on the exercise book and on the synthetic supports with the semi-permanent make-up machine.
In these days you will have to perform exercises that will alleviate your manual skills and refine your technique, preparing you even more to practice on a model that will take place in the next module.
4. PRACTICE ON MODEL 1st module

In these three days you will perform your first permanent makeup treatments, under the constant control of our teaching team. One treatment each day will be carried out on a model: eyebrows, eyes and lips, with a review of the three treatments on synthetic supports.

30 days break to start work. The first experiences and contacts with the customer.
6. PRACTICE ON MODEL 2nd module

After 30 days, you will probably have developed new doubts, new experiences. We are here to help you with the creation of your business and to make sure that you feel SAFE and PREPARED!
Permanent makeup always consists of two sessions, interspersed by 30 days away. In the second session, called "reinforcement", the operator corrects and reinforces the previously performed treatment.
We have therefore decided to accompany you completely until the end of the path, to give you the opportunity to perform your first reinforcement treatments in the company of your Biotek teachers.
On this day you will perform the reinforcement on the lip and eyebrow treatment.
At the end of these two days, if you have successfully completed all the tests of your educational path, you will be finally released so much scope

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