The New Era of the Permanent Make-up

The new Biotek equipment

Wednesday 16 January 2019, at 22.00, directly from Mars, the best PMU equipment ever produced by Biotek has arrived!


After having researched and tested the best materials, our staff of astronauts came back on planet earth with the Biotek Space Shuttle, giving way to the presentation evening, in world preview, of the new MAESTRO equipment.


The launch of the most requested equipment of Permanent Makeup has brought together all the Biotek distributors of the world to watch the space launch in the heart of Milan!


You might be wondering, why is this equipment the best? How does it differ from the others equipments in the Permanent Make Up market?


Simple! It is the equipment you have designed!

Biotek has collected all your desires and needs and has achieved what you have always wanted!


We reveal the main features:

• PERFORMANCE thanks to the new motor and the two SOFT&STRONG handpieces

• SILENT thanks to the new PDK transmission system

• REDUCED VIBRATIONS thanks to the innovative materials used


• STABLE thanks to the new cartridge system

• EASYthanks to the new color display with touch menu

• FASCINATING thanks to Italian design

• VERSATILE and suitable for all types of treatment:

• Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips,

• Scars, Areola, Vitiligo

• Scalp Pigmentation

• BioNeedling


For the first time, in the history of Biotek, the transmission mechanism encloses the needle thrust assembly, sealing it and making the movement precise and silent.


MAESTRO has been designed to make your business as easy as possible by introducing 2 handpieces with different technologies:


• Soft, ideal for sensitive skin and to create beautiful shades

Strong, ideal for leathery skin and to create more marked effects, such as lines or pile hair.

Its tempered glass surface is easy to clean, disinfect and also provides a magnetic seat that allows you to rest the dermograph with ease and without the need for additional accessories that clutter up your work area. 

Biotek always tries to satisfy all your needs, in fact, is the first company, the only Italian, to introduce the wireless pedal, as required by the hygiene protocol. With MAESTRO you can control the ignition remotely, without hindrance, without wires and without taking your hands off the dermograph.   

Thanks to the new triple safety system against any possible color reflux and the new last generation silicone membrane, the possibility of any contamination has been abolished. 

The revolutionary and unique bi-component hygiene module (disposable cartridge) that equips MAESTRO, is equipped with a new technology that inhibits vibrations and makes the operator's work much more comfortable and precise.   

The new LOCK-STOP screw locking system will allow the cartridge to be mounted on the dermograph quickly and easily, with an absolute seal and greater precision during work.   

Are you curious to test it out?

Come and try it in our Showroom in Via Farneti 6/8, Milan - Italy.  

Book your free consultation by calling +39 (02) 7380144 or by writing to us on our "Biotek Official" Facebook Page.

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