What Masters Are?

Master is high formation

The Master training is an important step during the life of a student which usually arrives after a study cycle, after graduation.
In the case of Permanent Make-up, the Master is the highest step in the field of Academy trainings. Only few teachers are qualified to perform Master courses, advanced trainings which can only be provided by those who practice new and more difficult techniques every day and who is a leading exponent in that specific sector.
If you need a Master's degree, you are already a professional who usually work but want to become a specialist, you want to stand out from your colleagues, you want to be the best.

  • A Master Academy degree enhances you as a person and as a professional; your work will be worth more and you will enter the restricted circle of Specialized Professionals.
  • Masters are open to all professionals in the sector who want an upgrade. Speaking to operators with extensive experience, during the Masters it is usually not expected the practice on models. During the Master specific topics are dealt with the support of chemists, biologists and make-up artists in order to acquire the knowledge necessary to realize safely particular treatments or to get the mastery in the use of colors, knowing every aspect and behavior once they are implanted on different phototypes.
  • But a professional can decide to participate to a master after the technological innovation of a product. This is the case of the Master for the development of the HD eyebrows, which became possible only after Biotek invented a new revolutionary HD needle to make the eyebrows hair particularly defined and realistic.