Duration: course available in 1-day or 2-day 
Cost: 650€ + VAT (1 day) / 900€ + VAT (2 days) 
Number of Participants: Max 10 (1-day Master) / Max 6 (2-day Master)
Equipment: Fully supplied for the duration of the course
Diploma: Master

The areola Master can be defined as the link between the aesthetic and medical sides of the derma-pigmentation profession. The possibilities of application of micro-pigmentation in the areola-nipple complex can be multiple: from the management of simple dyschromia to the request for enlargement or reduction of the total size.
From the volumetric enhancement of the nipple to the chromatic change of the areola to total reconstruction where it is no longer present following mutilating surgery.

Working with plastic surgeons, oncologists, and breast specialists is a great opportunity for professional growth. Connecting with women who have faced and overcome breast cancer, helping them to regain their femininity is a source of great satisfaction and gives a profound feeling to the delicate work of the dermopigmentist.

If you attend only the first day of the course you will practice on paper and synthetic media and receive Master's diploma with 3 stars. If you attend two days of the course, you will also be able to work on models and will receive the MASTER diploma with 4 stars.

DAY 1:

  • description of the different cases in which it is possible to intervene with the help of derma pigmentation
  • Hints on the different surgical procedures and their post-operative scarring outcomes
  • a quick review of colour theory and complementary colours
  • natural areola colours and a list of suggested pigments to achieve the most required nuances
  • preparatory drawing, measurements and conventional lights
  • description of the most suitable needles and demographics for the procedure
  • step by step treatment presentation and video demonstration
  • exercise on paper: using coloured pencils a total reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex will be carried out
  • exercise on synthetic skin: simulation of the examined treatment with the use of the corresponding needles and colours

DAY 2:

  • practical exercise on a model (the model must be brought by the participant)
  • to guarantee you perfect support during your first work on a model, you will work in two groups, maximum of 3 people in the morning and 3 people in the afternoon


Italian Speaking Only

Start on 04 November 2024

Areola Master

Course dates
4-5 November
Italian Speaking Only
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