Male eyebrows

Quick Information

Duration: 1 day
Price: 350 € + VAT
Participants Max: 10
Equipment: provided by Biotek for the entire course
Diploma: Master Diploma

Realistic Male Eyebrows

Even men need to thicken or completely rebuild their eyebrows, often because they suffer from alopecia or for aesthetic reasons.
The arrangement of natural hairs in a male eyebrow is extremely different from what we usually do in the female eyebrow; it is from here that the need for a specific course is born that allows to study its progress and the basic parameters.

The morphology of the male face is very different from the female one and therefore also the shape of the eyebrow will have to follow different parameters.
In the female eyebrow we want to recreate order, symmetry, delineating the face and opening the look.
In the male eyebrow instead, exactly the opposite: it should be very flat, with disordered hairs and out of place.

Topics addressed during the course

- the morphology of the face, differences between men and women
- how to draw a male eyebrow
- hair arrangement suitable for the explanation of the indicated technique
- the choice of the right color based on the phototype
- applied colorimetry
- the choice of the right needle based on the type of skin
- most common errors
- practice on paper supports
- practice on synthetic material

It is important to know that
During this course there is no practice on models but only on synthetic material.
All material will be made available directly by Biotek.