Shaded eyeliner

Quick Information

Duration: course available in 1-day or 2-day MASTER version
Cost: 400€ + VAT (1 day) / 599€ + VAT (2 days) 
Number of Participants: Max 10 (1-day Master) / Max 6 (2-day Master)
Equipment: Fully supplied for the duration of the course
Diploma: Master

The shaded eyeliner!

Eyeliner has always been part of women's sensuality. Cleopatra couldn’t live without it! Today Biotek offers you the latest trend in the field of eyeliner, the shaded eyeliner. Delicate and natural, it is suitable for every type of woman; it can be worn with simplicity over the years and on women of all ages. Maybe thanks to these universal features, the shaded eyeliner has become one of the most request advanced treatments of PMU, but also one of the easiest to perform.
It's therefore, necessary to take specific courses before performing this treatment on clients.

If you only attend the first day of the course you will practice on paper and synthetic mediums and receive a Master's diploma with 3 stars. If you attend both days of the course, you will also be able to work on a model and receive the MASTER diploma with 4 stars.

DAY 1:

  • basic parameters of eyes PMU
  • Biotek colors
  • how to select the right color for each eye
  • the right form of eyeliner for each eye
  • characteristics of the needles used to perform the technique
  • shaded eyeliner execution technique
  • most common errors
  • practice on paper material
  • practice on synthetic supports

DAY 2:

  • practical exercise on a model (the model must be brought by the trainee). 

To guarantee you perfect support during your first modeling job, we will work in two groups, maximum of 3 people in the morning and 3 people in the afternoon.