Shape and Color correction

Quick Information

Duration: 2 days
Price: 650 € + VAT
Participants Max: 10
Equipment: provided by Biotek for the entire course
Diploma: Master Camouflage Specialist

The art of camouflage

It is more difficult to find people who have never had a permanent make-up treatment, but at the same time, it is also increasingly common to have to correct old work with shape and color problems.
Not knowing camouflage techniques means not being able to meet the needs of many clients... a real shame! In this course, we will teach you everything you need to know to tackle any type of correction of eyebrow, eye and lip derma pigmentation treatments.

By attending the Master Camouflage course you will receive the MASTER's diploma with 4 stars.

DAY 1:

  • definition of Camouflage and its application
  • techniques for removing old permanent make-up treatments
  • brief color theory and how to choose the most suitable pigments for neutralizing shades
  • shape and color correction techniques applied to eyebrows, lips and eyes
  • videos and images of the various cases
  • analysis of some camouflage cases submitted by the trainees

DAY 2:

  • collective study of the treatment to be carried out by the teacher in the afternoon
  • exercise on paper: using colored pencils, the treatment of the live demo and other cases of eyebrows, lips and eyes will be simulated
  • LIVE DEMO: demonstration by the teacher of the camouflage treatment previously analyzed.